Cards Against Discord game (idea)

So on the shanniiwrites discord server, we sometimes play CAD. (Cards against discord). It’s like the game Cards Against Humanity.

I had a thought, maybe we could keep track of all the scores whenever we play and then at the end of the month award someone the title of best at cad (or something similar). It oils be very casual, nothing official lol. Just a bit of fun.

… soooo… yay or nay?

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Please suggest alternative ideas or criticise this one in this thread :pleading_face:


I’d join if it would work with all the time zones :sweat_smile:


You still doing this?

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If people are still interested

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I’m interested :eyes:

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Is this still happening? :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

She left the forums though :sweat_smile:

What’s the shannii writes discord server???

Closed due to inactivity :two_hearts: