Cast changes in TV shows

What do you guys think of cast changes in TV shows? I think it’s alright as long as the new cast member/members do a good job. It can happen for alot of reasons like contractual issues or somebody quitting. Here are some questions:

Which shows had a cast change?
Was the show still good?
Do you think it would be better if the orginial people had stayed?


If it’s a character I really like then I hate it and get really sad. I get attached to the actors quickly and it takes me a while to get used to the change but I never stop watching that show.

I remember Ross Butler played Reggie on the first season of Riverdale. He left because he got the role of Zach in 13 Reasons Why and I’m actually happy because of it, Zach was one of my favorite characters in that show and I can’t imagine anyone else as Zach. As well as Reggie. Charles Melton is a babe.

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I remember The Fosters had the cast change of Jake T Austin to … Noah Centineo for the role of Jesus. To be fair, I think this is the only thing I can stand with Noah Centineo. The show was still good, probably because the primary storylines weren’t about him. But, I think it would have been better if Jake T Austin stayed, he was good.

It’s an interesting question. I love both leads who portrayed Spartacus in the TV show of the same name. The original actor died and chose the replacement himself beforehand, which maybe adds to it. idk, it’s kinda weird, but in some cases I really don’t mind

I usually don’t like them but there have been a few that I haven’t minded so much.

  • One of favourite shows, only 'cause my mum bought DVDs of old British shows and got me addicted, was Goodnight Sweetheart. There were six series of it. However, after the third series, the two supporting actresses changed and two new ones played those characters. They actually did a pretty good job, but what helped was the actor stayed the same.
  • Another is Sense8. The actor who plays Capheus changed, however, I actually liked both actors who played him. They kept the character the same while each making him their own as well.
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I remember in Fresh Prince they changed Aunt Viv’s actress. I don’t know why they did, but I never really connected with her like I did with the original Aunt Viv. Yeah, it was the same character, but I start to associate a character with a certain look and voice and behaviour, so changing her actress was offputting for me.

I don’t really mind, I mean, it isn’t going to stop me from watching the show, but I definitely prefer no cast changes.

I don’t like it when they change actors for roles, because they tend to look and act slightly different. The new cast members can be fine, but the change is always kinda awkward

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