Celestia Haven! [Sign Ups + Discussion]


Dear beloved Reader, For decades we have stood proud and tall amongst the lavish Island of Celestia. A mystical and magical place filled with creatures and commoners alike. Recently a ship that wrecked upon our land has baffled our sunny Islanders with the sudden arrival of…Odd beings. They look similar to us, Talk, act, and maneuver like any local celestian! Except…These humans don’t have abilities nor any custom that we have. Some of our citizens aren’t taking the change well whilst others are prospering with said beings. Everything was fine but In the midst of helping the shipwrecked humans adjust to their new life, Another research team had landed with far more malicious intent. All in all…Silver City will turn into one hectic ride. What side will you choose?

~ Signed, King Xero & Queen Evangeline.


This role-play is a slice of life themed RP. Meaning what your character does, how they live their life is all up to you! Maybe you’d like to create a business? Have a family? Create friendships or relationships with the characters in the RP. The choice is yours!

For the main basis of the RP, An Evil Human Group named NeoFlorists came to Celestia shortly after the shipwrecked humans arrived. Neoflorists have come to take down Celestia alongside The King and Queen. Whilst this RP is based on the “living-life” feature. The end goal would be to stop the group and keep Celestia Standing. Albeit anyone can choose any side, Including joining the NeoFlorists.

Note: When it comes to face-claims I would advise everyone to use a picture of an OC. Of course, giving credit to the artist if it’s someone else’s. ART FC’S ONLY.

NeoFlorists Group:

[0/1] Leader
[0/1] Tank
[0/1] Healer
[0/1] Tech

The King and Queen have 5 kids. Trinity, Vortexx, Mace and 2 others. Trinity and Vortexx are biological. The other three are adopted! We need 2 people to play their other kids. All kids are under 15.
[Prince] I Male I Adopted [0/1]
[Princess] I Female I Adopted [0/1]

  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s literally impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity you will receive a warning through pm. After 2 weeks your character will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed along with: Sex and Drugs. although make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters without permission from the owner of said character.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.
  • Despite this being a revision of my old Hazbin RP, Please don’t mention it or any of the activities within the RP. It’s been closed down! And this is a different setting.
  • Pleasee censor swearing! Please refer to this thread for a more in-depth explanation. It doesn’t have to be blurred but it must have asterisks (*) or other symbols in place of letters of the swear word. For example “f**k” or “$h!t”. Or made up/substitute words for swear words.
  • You can only be a Human, Creature or Hybrid!

Sign Ups: :earth_africa:
Faceclaims: :innocent:
Locations: :cityscape:
Food: :sandwich:



Sign Ups Closed: Never, Always Open
Official Role-play Start: August 24th.



SkyFall Royal Castle
Cassiopeia Observatory
Euphonia Philharmonic
Goldcurrent Market
Ravenrose Taverne
Sintil Plant Nursery
Hank’s Hot Dinner
ClearHaven Cocktails
Pills R’ Us Pharmacy
GoldenStage Theatre
Ivory Wolf Resort & Spa
Delightful Dentrisity
The Mad Tatter
Polar Express Train Line
Celestia Transit
SunnyHill Antique Store
SilverWorld Electronics
Radio-Active Radio Station
Milly’s Hair Emporium
Celestia News Channel
GlowTown Family Fun & Arcade
Old-Town Opera
Penny’s Pawn Shop
AngelZone Amusement Park
Broke-Down Betty’s Car Dealership
Madness Mall
Get Rich! Casino
Tranquil Peaks Mental Institution
Cakewalk Bakery
Oculus Trust Financial Services
Kinderto Oceanfront Beach
Hammer Time Forge
Knock On Wood Barista
Hazel Waves Tearoom
Dragonfly Campgrounds
Countess Castaneda’s Morgana Circus
Match Made Dating Show
Red Pine Vineyard
Royal Bat Entertainment
Heartstone Medical Clinic
Grand Isle Library
Royal Museum of the Night
CloudRose University
BlueBird Heights Highschool
DawnFox Middle School
Little Jewels Elementary
Treetops Childcare Center
Club Opal
The Sorcerer’s Source Magic Shop
White Willow Orphanage
Thyme Point Gardens
Furs & Feathers Pet Shop
For Pizza’s Sake Pizzeria
Deephold Juvenile Holding Center
Rockwood Max Security Prison
Crimson Boulevard Restaurant
The Painted Beehive Club
The Caviar Window 5-Star Restaurant
The Sushi Market
Lavender Palace Country Club
Rosemary Radiance Spa
Ted’s Tennis Court



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