Chapters, an app

So i see often people talk about the app choices but I yet to see a mention of chapters.

The app is much like choices. but you can make your own stories here.

they are not like the featured stories though. they are mobile text stories.


Yeah, I’ve seen them before. I downloaded it, although I’m not a fan of most of their stories cause of their expensive useless choices and sexual references. My favorites are from the authors on the Wattpadd community. I’ve stopped using it though.


Yeah, i want to start there too, but I decided to wait until they let community authors to add backgrounds and stuff. Hopefully it will happen soon.


I love Chapters, it’s where I read most.
The choice expense is beyond annoying but I love the stories and I am writing on there too.


@ELx @EliseC :eyes: I have found your calling.


I like Chapters

Personally, I want the music update bc I love their music :eyes:

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Added “apps” tag :grin:

I never tried chapters

Is it any good?

I never tried it, is it good?

I added the chapters tag :hatching_chick::wolf::revolving_hearts:

So anyone has any suggestions on stories?

I really liked Poison Study, it is still my favorite story on the app. Also Walk of Shame, pretty sweet and funny.

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