Character Mood Boards

Mood boards are a great way to help imagine a character you’ve created. It can either be before you start writing for them or after you’ve started but need a little more inspiration.

A character mood board is a visual presentation or collage consisting of images and/or text in any configuration that associate with your chosen character. It’s like creating a board on Pinterest but for a character.

There are a number of free apps you can use to create them, or perhaps Photoshop if you have it, and you can just scour Google or Pinterest for the images you wish to use. Or you could even draw/create for own images to add.

Feel free to your Character Mood Boards below, @RPers!


Alright, babe, just for you I have spent my time creating these for the characters in FTD that I have so far! (wink)

The Son of Eros/Cupid

The Son of Lost Boy, Curly

The Sons of Pinocchio

The daughter of Good Witch of the South

The daughter of the Scarecrow

The Son of Wicked Witch of the East

The Son of Wicked Witch of the West


I’ve never really understood the point of these :thinking: Are they to help you get a sense of the charcter’s… aura, among other things? Like what’s their purpose, just for inspiration?

Oooh those are cool. I really like Ervic’s and Peckerhead’s. They each seem monochrome, mostly—is that the colour you associate with each character?


Yeah, it’s to help get a feel for the character visually to go alongside the write up you do in their profile. Some find that a visual representation can help with their writing.

HEHEHE. Me too.

Perhap a little, but it was also trying to make it look right to my eye.

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I have literally never made a moodboard for anything ever. Let alone for a character, but I have the sudden urge to want to do it. Just to see what it would be like. :joy:

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HEHEHE. “DO IT,” says the devil on your shoulder

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I wouldn’t know where to start.

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I wanna do this!!


Ah, okay, for the visual learners then. I might try one though, seems kinda cool.
Then what would it be used for outside of writing? I’ve seen people ask if they wanted to be made a mood board… like is that just for entertainment or just to see what the other person thinks you are represented by?

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i do this!!
idk y

i had a thread on the episode forums for mood boards but i haven’t done em in a while

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this is my favorite one ive made
my chars name was angie

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can yall see it or is that jus me

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Just you

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i can’t see it either

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Find an app or site to make one on, choose a character, then begin…

YAY! Can’t wait to see them.

Yeah, pretty much. … Cool stuff.

Uh… I guess that’s just a personal choice thing and what they want out of it.


Why can’t I see the image?


kate said it was fine

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No I said I can’t see it. You said can anyone else see it or is it just me and I said just you

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Kara Melbourne from Blue Royalty



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I LOVE moodboards!! Here’s a few I’ve made with BeFunky.

the visitor (fortnite)

midas (fortnite)

genji from overwatch x drift from fortnite but in the overwatch universe

moira o'deorain x overwatch oc (finn)