College Szn 2024

Sooo, I’m applying to college this year :star_struck: Suprise suprise if y’all didn’t already know I’m class 2024. So I thought this topic would be good for people to discuss their college apps this year for the US and other countries and things they wish they did.

I applied to several colleges last night and applying to several more over the next weeks and months (: One thing I wish I did was not procrastinate, I was hurriedly writing statements, and while I know I’m a good writer it would’ve been better to take more time to be honest. Another thing is I wish I did more activities within my highschool, while I was able to fill up 8 ECs (including stuff I did here) I wish I had more leadership in my school and participated more. (Honestly that’s just a feeling I’ve had since become a senior this year)

If anyone wants to read my college application essay, let me know! Feel free to share yours as well (:



I’m from the uk, and I’m applying to uni this year! I think our application processes are a bit different from one another, but I’m aiming to get into a Games Development course.


I started uni this year too, but our applications were in September

Honestly so far it’s more relaxed than high school and I have a lot more free time


Omg that sounds amazing!


Ahh im hoping thats the same for me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I think it will be! I’m not sure how it works there, but my subjects went from 14 to 5 and I have four days a week free

It’s so weirddd


That was the weirdest part for me

My high school was semestered so I only had four classes at a time but it was weird not having class every day



And the inconsistent schedule :sob:


Okk that sounds good!! I’m taking CC classes on top of high school so I’m getting used to basically making my own schedule for classes but it’s gonna be so weird not having 6 or 7 periods everyday :sob:


CC means college credit right? Because I haven’t heard of those and I had to search it up

Also good luck with your applications!


Also class of 2024!


Community college technically but same thing/idea! Taking community college classes for college credit.

Thank you (:

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Ooh sounds fun!

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I graduated high school in 2012 and college in 2016. But I felt the same exact way when I was graduating High School my one regret if I had one was not to procrastinate. I am sure all the activities that you did do were great and enough. It’s always nerve wracking to colleges but keep trying to take deep breaths. College was a lot different from high school and if you felt like you didn’t do enough for leadership I know colleges have clubs and you can become the clubs president, VP, Treasurer, Secretary. Join Student Government Association.

I never did leadership stuff in high school but once I go to college i was SGA rep and particiapted in Student Government Association and other things.


Just recieved an acceptance to one of my safeties!!


That’s awesome!!


Congrats that is so exciting :slight_smile:

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omg bae you got this in the bag!!

i applied last year n honestly it was the scariest moment of my life :sob: applications kicked my ass < / 3

totally agree w you about the written statements, also getting recommendation letters in time was lowkey a struggle considering i forgot about that bit until i was actually filling the final form in LMAO honestly guys, just make a spreadsheet w all the unis you’re applying to, plus both academic and non-academic requirements that need to be met

also, save yourself some time by keeping an up-to-date list of all your ECs or super curriculars!! makes CV writing much, much, much easier <3


Recieved 3 acceptances to 3 different schools so far (:

MSU, ASU and Loyola…they’re all about 40 - 50k a year tho even with the merit they gave me :sob: Accepted into all for neuroscience.

:crossed_fingers: Waiting on UIUC and Purdue hopefully they are a bit better. I applied to Rutgers for funsies bc they have my dream major.


I got accepted to AU :star_struck:

Now I just need to pass my classes. :smile: