Comic Book Panelling and Page Layout

I’m excited to kick off a discussion about one of my favourite things to discuss and think about generally ever! I love reading comics and manga especially, and the page layouts of different series’ and artists and how the style changes between them have fascinated me endlessly for years!

I love looking into how an artist can tell a story through the smallest details hidden away in a single panel - see The Killing Joke for some fantastic examples of subtle visual storytelling in only the panels of a comic.

Then you have manga and the uncontested masters of page flow. Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda (Dragon Ball and One Piece respectively). They can draw your eye around a page in masterful ways using motion, clever placement of speech and thought bubbles and a general line of action. It’s incredible!

I may come back to this to post my own exercises and practice pieces working on this, as it is something that fascinates me :eyes:

So what do you guys think?


I never really thought about this while reading comic books but thinking about it, there are some books that seemed difficult to read just because of the layout
I read the Asterix Comics a lot and although it seems pretty simple, I think they put a lot of thought into the right layout with bigger and smaller pictures :thinking:

:eyes: and when did you plan on doing this? :eyes:


I was actually planning on doing it very soon, I’ve been thinking about drawing comics for a while now!


Was this posted to get my hopes up? HAHAHAHA!

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Maybe :smirk:

You’re a mean, mean man. You know that, right?

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I think that comic book panelling can be incredibly interesting to look at, since they can really elevate the stories they’re telling

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