Congratulations to seniors of 2020 class

Since some of the seniors may not walk on stage due to COVID-19, I just wanna to congratulations to all seniors of high school and colleges.

Let show so appreciated to all seniors class both from high school and colleges.


Aww this is sweet. I’m supposed to be graduating from university this year but graduation has been postponed/cancelled (don’t really know which lol).
3 years of hell only for the virus to make things worse :joy:.


Oh my goodness, my last sister is graduating this year but high school hasn’t decided yet what they do about the graduation :woman_student:.

Hopefully lockdown will be lifted and something small but nice can be done for her in the summer since I don’t think the virus will completely disappear by then

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I hope so, she always does get A+ and was in some honors class including dance. She also did dancing boot for four years where she dancing with other girls and supporting her school and football team.

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And all those middle schoolers who also might not walk on stage?

Congrats to everyone for surviving these hard times.


True but I should put middle school as well. Dang it.

My 9th graders probably won’t get a graduation ceremony. :crying_cat_face: That’s sad.
(9th grade is the last year of middle school in my country. High school is 10th, 11th, and 12th).


Oh it’s 8th grade for my country.

Oh no :woman_facepalming:t2:

I saw this on YouTube for all class of 2020 and warning :warning: you might cry.

I thought this was going to be a video of them singing and was ready to die of cringe :joy: but this video is kinda nice.

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yep, I been watching way too much YouTube video lately.

Congrats class of 2020!!

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Congrats to graduates of 2020! Well done for getting there.



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Congrats to all class of 2020
It celebrates your accomplishments. image


Awww, this is cute :smile:


Some of the seniors may or may not walk on stage due to coronavirus.