Cooldown Period Between Books

So… usually when I read a book I don’t really jump right back into a new one. I really love books and TV/movies (although for the latter it’s harder to find good ones) so what I do after reading a book is I find all the adaptions possible of it and watch those, while also spending a lot of time thinking about it and the parts I liked, and then when it’s finally out of my head/I find downtime I go into another book. This period is longer if I really love a book tho because if I love it a lot I legit don’t wanna give it up and go back and re-read my favorite scenes. (Especially for good romances). And it can be hard to get into a new book sometimes, so I usually start the new book slower and then get really into it and start reading it a lot lol.

Does anyone else have a cooldown period or do you just jump straight in? Why or why not? Also here’s a poll:

Do you have a cooldown process?

  • No, I jump straight into another book!
  • Um, I guess I have a cooldown process.
  • I need like, a week before getting into another book.
  • I don’t track it, but yes there’s definitely a cooldown process.

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Feel free to discuss below I’m very interested in others’ book reading processes!



So here’s what made me think of this topic:

So I just finished reading Little Women, and although it was really good I’m not having that much of, “I cannot let this book go this is the best thing I’ve ever read I’ll never find another thing this good” because, it was good, amazing, but not my favorite and I wasn’t as hooked on it. And I watched one movie and was like, “I kinda wanna read another book now”. But I don’t really have the energy to so there’s gonna be a “cool down” process lol.

Whereas when I read Jane Eyre I had a really hard time giving that up lol. I wanted to find every film adaption, until I watched a few and two of them weren’t that great and kinda turned me off from it a bit. I think Jane Eyre was more suspenseful and dramatic, whereas Little Women had drama but it wasn’t as suspenseful.

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I think mine is like a day or so… sometimes, it depends on what I’m doing and where I am.

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Hm… Whenever I finish a book I usually start another that same day. I just enjoying reading and can’t wait when I have so many books I want to finish as soon as possible

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Do you ever have trouble getting into a book tho?

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Nope because I pick a book I really want to read

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