Cosplay Discussion

(Specifically going to be talking about cosplaying characters from anime + manga)

I think cosplay is super cool, and it’s always fun to see how people bring characters to life from the books and shows that they like! Some are super impressive with their attention to detail and just look amazing. I will never understand how people are able to make such detailed costumes with all the materials and time that they would take.

So, here, have a massive series of questions on the topic because there’s quite a bit to talk about :eyes:

  • What do you think of cosplay?
  • Have you ever cosplayed before?
  • Have you ever seen someone cosplaying in real life?
  • Would you ever cosplay?
  • If you would, would you prefer to buy a costume premade or make it yourself?
  • If you would, what characters would you want to cosplay as?
  • What do you think of people who cosplay professionally?
  • Have you ever checked out social media of people who do that?

Uh… just exactly what it entails.

Does dressing up for Halloween count?

LOL, same question?

Maybe, actually. Trying something new is always an experience. Obviously.

Premade at the start, and then learn to make cosplays.

Taiga from Toradora, Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, Beatrice from Re: Zero. Or literally any anime girl I’ve had more than neutral interest in.

Just people who cosplay professionally.

Not that I remember!

Yes I would

I would like to make it myself but right now my sewing skills aren’t that great so premade for the time being.

Asuna season 1 SAO or Alice synthetis 30 season 3 or 4 SAO

I think they are extermly talented than I am to be able to do it for job.

I need to cosplay again! It was so fun.

I want to cosplay as America from Hetalia, but the cosplays ship in November! Help!

Thinking of cosplaying as Yuno Gasai or Toga Himiko.

Where the heck could I get Ed’s automail arm from FMA? @AnimeNerds? I think. God, I probably just shouldn’t go to the con if I can’t make a freaking decision. I’m also worried I’ll shut down with all the people. Why is this so hard?

Who is that you’re cosplaying?

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Hu Tao from Genshin Impact.

So, that Hu Tao wig was super heavy, and I now want to cosplay Nejire Hado from MHA, but I’m not sure if I should get something to lighten the wig, or if it should be ok.

Scrapped the idea.

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