Costuming Outfit Contest

Hey y’all! I’m back with another outfit contest. Yesterday’s Episode art release was [Limelight] Costuming , which gave us some wicked costume pieces and even scuba suits!

As per usual, you have until Wednesday to join this competition. Your outfit must include at least 2 items from the new update, but you can use more if you want! You can only use one image, and use the outfits and the image to create a scene/story behind it.

The winner is decided by a community vote, and the winner receives a badge and bragging rights for a week. :grin: :rainbow: :unicorn:

Enjoy the contest, and happy designing! :rainbow: :unicorn:


People who wanted to be tagged: @Lynai @Yomama @lamecast88 @celestialkitten @anon80318563 @chamoybebe


Just a reminder, you have until tomorrow to enter!


@Lynai @Yomama @lamecast88 @celestialkitten @anon80318563 @chamoybebe

I don’t think I’ll be able to enter! Sorry :sob:

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I’m not going to enter. My work is getting bigger by the day, maybe I’ll join this when things seem to subside a little bit for me


Shall I assume that this is no longer happening, @Caticorn? Or shall we have another attempt at reviving this so that we don’t miss an opportunity? Up to you but wouldn’t want to forget it just in case.

Hey @Caticorn! This thread has been inactive, but instead of closing, I am going to ask if you prefer reviving the thread!

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Closed due to inactivity