Could you live on food rationing?

One of the major wartime measures in the 40s was food rationing, in which each person was given a book of coupons that would only allow you to buy a set amount each week of certain foods. These foods included butter, sugar and meat. Could you live on food rationing? Why or why not?


I couldn’t. I’m too much of a sweet tooth. It wouldn’t end well.

My family’s always had a limited budget for food so it’s like we’ve lived on rations all our lives. :rofl: If you manage to hoard a good few spices and seasonings, you’re basically set with cooking whatever comes your way and making it palatable.

Although I should mention that should a family ever be struggling with food, there are food pantries and food distribution groups available in the US once a week. None of it is healthy, per say…but, you won’t be starving. Families of 7 and more do what they have to do.