Could you manipulate the limitations of lucid dreaming?

So I haven’t done much research on lucid dreaming (excuse me) but I think it’s good because then I can look more into the information I might get here.

Basically, there was a list on an article where it gave you 11 things not to do in a lucid dream and I’ll copy and paste it here for you to read. (


11. Don’t Kill People

This should go without saying, but make sure not to cause any harm to any of the people in your dreams. Remember that the people and things in your lucid dreams are extensions of yourself, and any harm that you cause them is actually harming parts of yourself.

Of course you can’t physically harm yourself while in a lucid dream, but why would you want to do it mentally? Especially when there are so many more amazing things you can do in a lucid dream. The possibilities are literally endless. Want to fly? Want to talk to your own subconscious? Want to travel anywhere you want in the world every time you go to sleep at night? Most people just waste every night while they’re sleeping. If you want to learn how to lucid dream the best way possible, check out my courses here.

10. Don’t Think of Anything Scary

I know some people try to get over their fears in lucid dreams, but if you’re just starting I do not recommend it. Just remember that the things in your lucid dream will be as realistic, or possible even more realistic than real life.

Take a look around you right now and feel what it feels like to be alive. That is how real a lucid dream feels. If you want to use lucid dreaming to get over a phobia, wait until you’re a little more advanced and can lucid dream pretty much every single night.

Scary things in lucid dreams are a lot more realistic than any horror movie.

Also, remember that your subconscious literally knows every single fear and every single detail of every fear you have. While it might be tempting to test the dream world and see something scary, remember that it’s a lot more realistic than any horror movie out there.

9. Don’t Do Anything Too Exciting Right Away

When you start lucid dreaming, it may be tempting to go directly into something like flying. Just be aware that things like this have the potential of making you too excited and could eventually wake you up. You may even get overly excited when you realize you’re lucid dreaming and wake up.

Before you do anything too crazy, rub your hands together to stabilize the dream, then you can begin to do increasingly exciting things. Another way of stabilizing the dream is to look at your hands. Start to look intently at your hands close-up and analyze them. This will help ground you to the dream world because you’re focusing on your dream body instead of your real body that’s lying in bed.

8. Don’t Lucid Dream Without a Plan

If you find yourself in a lucid dream or you go directly into a lucid dream, it can be common to forget what you wanted to do. That is why I always recommend never trying to lucid dream without a plan.

There are different levels of lucidity, so this can make it hard to remember things with your conscious mind. A good tip is to make a plan and repeat that plan in your head throughout the day what you are going to do once in a lucid dream.

7. Don’t Try Too Hard to Control Things

If you’re a complete beginner, it can be kind of difficult to control things in your lucid dreams, but beginning to get control over your lucid dreams is one of the main reasons lucid dreaming is so amazing. With practice you can control the weather, shape-shift, and even move buildings.

Before you try doing any of these things, it’s important to stay calm and remember that controlling things in a lucid dream takes practice. Don’t try too hard to control anything, because you could get frustrated and could accidentally wake up, but once you can start to control things, it’s amazing.

6. Don’t Dream About Real Life People Too Much

If you spend too much time with people from your real life in your lucid dreams, it can begin to get confusing as to what memories are real and which ones happened in your dreams. You might be talking with one of your friends in real life and ask about something that happened in a dream.

Try not to make real life people the focus of your lucid dreams, and you will be fine. This will also greatly help your mental health, because you might have had amazing memories or conversations with people in your lucid dreams, and it can be a bit depressing to know that none of that actually happened. So as a general rule, don’t create fake memories with people in your dreams.

5. Don’t Spin Around Too Much

One of the best methods to stabilize your lucid dreams is to spin in a circle, but if you begin to spin around too much it could actually wake you up. The best thing to do is when you suspect you could be dreaming, do a few reality checks to make sure you’re dreaming, but don’t go overboard and do them every 5 seconds.

This will also help you not get too excited from sensory overload and end up waking up without doing what you wanted in your lucid dream. The reason a little bit of spinning can help stabilizing your lucid dreams, is because it makes you focus more on your dream body rather than your real life body that’s sleeping.

4. Don’t Look in a Mirror

While it may be tempting to look into a mirror in a lucid dream, I don’t recommend it unless you’re prepared. Often times, what you see back in a mirror while in a lucid dream could be scary or a distorted version of yourself.

Your reflection in a mirror can be scary or distorted in a lucid dream

Don’t look into a mirror, and if you do, just be prepared that it could be scary and potentially cause you to wake up. Instead, a good thing you can do is focus on a certain part of your dream body like the back of your hands and really study the details of them. This will help you solidify your lucid dream.

3. Don’t Think About Your Real Life Body

Once you realize you’re dreaming, you might start to think about your real life body laying in bed. Try to distract yourself from thinking about your body, because you could accidentally shift your awareness from your lucid dream world to your real world and end up waking up. Do your best to focus on the lucid dream world once you’re in the lucid dream.

Your real body is lying in bed, but it’s best to focus on your dream body to stabilize the lucid dream.

One technique to focus on your dream body that I’ve seen people saying to do is to just fall backwards blindly into the ground. Now I don’t recommend this unless you’ve tried every other lucid dream stabilization method and one of my favorites is just to rub your hands together. Another thing you can do is focus on the details of your lucid dream body. This will keep you thinking about the dream and help stabilize it.

2. Don’t Close Your Eyes

While just closing your eyes for a short amount of time and then opening them can actually help solidify your lucid dream, if you close your eyes for too long you will almost certainly wake up. So if you’re in a lucid dream and you don’t want to wake up, make sure to not close your eyes. You can also use this to your advantage if you are having a lucid nightmare, you can feel safe knowing that if at any moment it gets too bad you can just shut your eyes and wake up.

1. Don’t Leave Things For Later

If you realize you’re dreaming and you have the desire to do something in your lucid dream, it’s always best that you do that thing as soon as possible before you forget. In my lucid dreaming course, I actually recommend making a dream script, which is basically what you plan on doing once you realize you’re dreaming. Don’t think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll try to fly later, I’m gonna just gonna walk around” You might forget, slip back into a non-lucid dream, or even worse wake up. Always attempt to do your dream script once you have solidified your lucid dream.


Basically this might seem far fetched to ask, but isn’t it possible to manipulate your mind and cognitive process to allow no repercussions to breaking these rules?

For example, I was thinking about how people learn at a younger age learn simple human decency, but as well as the what extremes not to take part in (TW: like: committing murder, abusing, etc.). And well when we grow up I know the simple process behind how these learnings affect our behaviors when we are more aware and have an ability to fend for ourselves.

So say that someone wanted to try and off someone in a lucid dreams. Taking the information above into consideration (the article’s reason not to do this) what if you were able to for say, idk, undo the affects it would have on our brain? Could we potentially for any rule on what not to do in a lucid dream do so without repercussions? Get to experience it for fun and not have cognitive or mental consequences? Or awaken something hurtful in themselves?

You know the ability we have to reverse affects or as you could call it, change. Or something in that range… If you can learn to undo actions or learn to change your mindset, could this act or be altered in the same way?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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DARN IT. :sob: :sob:
This really crushed me, because one of the main reasons I want to lucid dream is to be able to spend time with my family that’s living abroad for the time being.
But… if I know that they are not physically here right now, and I dream about them, it won’t be confusing as to which memories are real and which aren’t, because I’ll know that since I can’t see them in person now, it was a dream, right?
And besides, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed that none of it actually happened because whenever I’ve dreamed about people I miss in the past, I stayed with that good feeling all day.

Um… I think I’d disagree with things said in this article lol. Lucid dreaming isn’t harmful but yeah. I’m reading a PDF about it from a like actual scientist…



Haven’t read all of it yet cuz it’s a 153 page PDF lol. I’m not sure if he’s a scientist exactly now that I’m thinking about it but in this he does mention the scientific studies done on those lucid dreaming.


I’m sorry but personally these “rules” irritate me so much. Im just gonna quote the book im reading:

On the “don’t kill people” point:
Q. If I use my lucidity in a dream to manipulate and dominate the other dream characters, and magically al-ter
the dream environment, won’t I be making a habit of behavior that is not likely to benefit me in waking life ?
A. Chapter 6 discusses an approach to lucid dreams that will help you establish ways of behaving that will be useful to you in waking life. This is to control your own actions and reactions in the dream, and not the other
characters and elements of the dream. However, this does not mean that we believe it harmful if you choose to
enjoy yourself by playing King or Queen of Dreamland. In fact, if you normally feel out of control of your life, or
are an unassertive person, you well may benefit from the empowered feeling engendered by taking control of the dream".

Like, if that’s what you want to do do it! I view dreams like a story… It doesn’t go the way real life does. Even in lucid dreams there’s a storyline that you’re following. As long as you’re sure you don’t actually feel things like this IRL then I say it’s fine to do.


On that:
Literally do what you want! If you wanna do that, that’s fine! In the PDF the guy explains that lucid dreaming is safe for “normally neurotic” people. If you feel scared or frightened or something weird happens then you can just stop having lucid dreams!

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I’ve had a lot of dreams interacting with real life people. I’ve had confusing sensations pop up from dreams I’ve had IRL. Like, someone does something that reminds me of what happened in a dream and I feel a sort of nostalgia. But personally never happened to me. I actually think interacting with dream characters could be really cool to do!
Everyone is different tho, so if you have a fear of this- don’t lucid dream.

I kinda disagree with this. For me personally, thinking about me sleeping kinda solidifies the fact that I’m dreaming and makes it more lucid. If I start to get distracted by the world and fall into the storyline again, I lose lucidity.

And with a lot of this stuff about the dream breaking… yeah I agree with but I’ve rarely woken up from lucid dreams when I didn’t want to. Sometimes I’ve gotten freaked out or just wanted to get out because there is this slight “trapped” feeling. I’ve had lucid dreams break literally while I was in them! In those experiences I was watching darkness, then swirling spirals then eventually I was walking around in this darkness. It was actually cool.
But that’s just a personal thing for me.

I just- I don’t like how these are “rules”. Like, it’s gonna be completely different for everyone cuz we all have different minds!

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Those rules sound made up tbh and like the person is just trying to advertise their lessons :eyes::eyes:

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This is so true. Most of my dreams included people I know in real life. In some cases, I confuse my lucid dreams as an actual memory because of how real they felt like.

I just want to say that I looked at my hand in a lucid dream about 2 months ago, and they were distorted I got scared. The dream ended pretty soon after that.

Same! And quarantine made it so I dreamt of people I saw all day, mostly my siblings.

Omg I know right? I’ve heard people talk about the “dangers” of lucid dreaming- um… they’re a lil weird sometimes and can be scary but they’re not harmful. But if they do scare you when you have them you don’t have to have them anymore… It usually takes a lot of effort to get them in the first place.

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I think there should be no rules in a made up world tbh. When lucid dreaming, we just get to experience stuff in our brains, so why should we not be free to experiment a bit? I actually don’t think that killing people would work actually tho, because we can’t dream about stuff we have no experience with (which is why we can’t die in our dreams and just either wake up or get redirected to the next dream) :eyes::sparkles:

I’d actually be quite curious to see what would happen if I tried to do things that are impossible in the real word tbh. Would my dream world just crash? Would I discover something new? Would I even be able to do that? :eyes::eyes:

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Maybe your brain will implement your own theories you’ve made before.

Because in my first post I explain when I died in my dream, it implemented the theory of the universe collapsing back into the small little thing that exploded to create the ever expanding universe into my own death and when I died I was placed in the middle for the universe to watch the whole thing collapse or reverse itself. And I’ve had other dreams where I die and something happens after.

Actually, I disagree with this… I’ve had dreams of things that haven’t happened to me before ever. Because yk we’re smart so we can kinda assume what its like. But I don’t think it would be as vivid and realistic as if we actually did it.

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Like, I can fly in my dreams lol.

That’s good to know!
Because it’s not like I want to lucid dream about people I see every day. The whole point of having lucid dreams about real-life people is to be with those who I DON’T see in person right now.

Last night, I dreamed that my mom had just returned from her trip in Europe, but I was confused in the dream because in real life she isn’t supposed to come back until next month. But she was only supposed to be visiting me for a short period of time. Of course, when I woke up, I knew that it wasn’t real. But it felt real while I was dreaming it.

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