Cover Art Request?

So I’ve finished my outlines and scripts for my new story and all I need now is my cover art before I get started. Who can do my cover art?
Story’s name is Empire
The story is in Limelight
My MC looks like this:

The theme of the cover is dark
I want both a small cover and large cover but if you can do one I understand and appreciate that
I’m not exactly sure how I want my cover to look like so if you could help me put it together that’d be great
And I’ll let you know what the story is about
Also I want to see your past work

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I’d help, but I’m not good at drawing humans, especially males… sorry :crying_cat_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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Aw it’s alright, thank you for being considerate and draw whatever you want to- I’m sure you’re a good artist regardless.

Closed due to inactivity, please PM me if you want it reopened! :two_hearts: