Covid rules of school, are they right or wrong?

Guys I need a secondary opinion of people who aren’t per se in the situation:

Rn The netherlands are in complete lockdown, so nothing but essential stores are closed, schools as well except for exams and tests. My school has decided that the pitches of our project design for a group essay is going to be offline, despite the rules saying everything is closed.

Personally I’m a little bit confused since my work is closed, my intern and I have decided I won’t be working until next year (2022), so the fact that school is allowing us to come in groups of 15 is a bit weird to me.

Mom is furious and actually wants to call school herself to yell at them for being irresponsible.

I’m about to ask my dad.

And my class mates are all either: “I don’t think it’s needed to be offline”, “I just think it’s a hussle to go to school but I don’t mind it” or “Last week we were also at school, so what’s the difference?”. So idk if I’m the only one who is having a problem with it, and idk if I should adress it to the teachers or not.

what do you guys think?
is it Irresponsible of school to ask us to come to school despite the lockdown or is it valid due to it being a part of an exam?

(The lockdown is due to a varient that is spreading rapidly, however they are also going down already again.)


That doesn’t sound good, I know they’re limiting the amount of you but the fact remains that you’re in a lockdown so they shouldn’t be making you breach that for an exam I assume could either be delayed or done online.


It coupd be done online, that’s why I’m so confused about it.

Dad has just told me he’s having a meeting about the planning for code black, he’s not expecting things to go that far, but still.


Rules in school were quite weird sometimes during this pandemic. Sometimes they really didn’t seem to make much sense :sweat_smile:

@Students What do you think?

I have a new one: school now demands a recovery certificate or a doctor’s note (which doctors aren’t even allowed to give here) as proof that you’ve actually been ill.

Even tho we’re mask optional now we still have those stupid shield things at lunch tables. Like why? Just get rid of them!

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That’s me at work, I wanna be able to hear people not just read lips


I understand the concern of cheating at home, but if your country is on lockdown, it would be a really smart idea for schools to be on lockdown too, no matter how much it sucks