Creating a Game Plan to Promote your stories!

Most promoting plans can be used for many platforms such as Episode, Wattpad, Tapas, and any other writing platform out there. The key point is the fact you have to use Social Media to get your plan to work. I would recommend Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for your choice when it comes to social media. Those are the biggest social media platforms available to the public.

  1. Figure out how you want to advertise your story

    • For Episode: Have pictures made for your story, adverts like the ones I create on my main thread linked in my profile and download a video recording app to make a trailer for your story.
    • Tapas/Wattpad/Physical Books: Use your cover, character pictures, bits of information about each character to keep the audience interest. You can even take some inspiration from popular book authors that use book trailers for their stories.
  2. Choose your Social media platform: This part is your choice. I mainly use Instagram for all of my stuff.

  3. Now that you know what to use. It’s time to get an outline done. You want to set a schedule about how you promote with your advertisements.

    • Main Advertising: You will want to promote your main source of advertising every two weeks.
    • Character information: This should be done once a week so that you do not spoil the characters.
    • Foreshadowing advertisements with videos: You want to emphasize any parts that lead to cliffhangers to get the audience’s attention. This can be done twice every three weeks.
  4. Keeping up with the schedule: Use a calendar of any type that caters to your focus.

  5. Patience: Stay patient since nothing ever comes easy. You have to keep up with the work otherwise it will become harder to get a good following. Don’t give up this is a big world where you have to take your destiny into your own hands. You are the reason your story will prevail. Just keep that in mind. No Work means No Gain. Trust me, I deal with this all the time so don’t think you are the only one who is struggling.



These tips are really helpful!

Usually, I’d try to promote them on ig, and maybe make a deal with another user so we can promote each other’s stories!

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Yep, that is a good idea to partner with someone.

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I’m so bad at promoting because I can’t stick to a schedule :joy: But those are great tips! I’d add trying to find ways to stand out because, like with Episode stories, all the promotion posts start looking the same after a while

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Yeah, that is very true! I’m bad about sticking to a promotion plan as well.

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Good tips!
I usually promote my story before it comes out with character info and mood boards. I created some for my main characters shortly before releasing my story.
Then, a few days before releasing a new chapter, I’ll post a sneak peek and a countdown to the release date on my Instagram story.
The day of its release, I usually post a screenshot of an important, non-spoilerish moment in the story to let everyone know that the latest chapter is out.

I want to do something with a question sticker where people can ask my characters questions, and have them respond. The problem is that no one ever replies to my question sticker games, such as ‘Make an assumption about me’ or ‘Do you have any questions about my story?’ So maybe I can advertise it here first, and on the Episode group chats I’m in.

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Hmm maybe we can setup the character sticker questions as a weekly event on here? We could get more activity that way? Also, I like your whole setup for promoting!

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That’s a great idea!
The people who send in questions don’t even have to read the story; they can be random questions like, “What’s a food you’d never eat?” or “What’s your favorite album?”
And anyone who would like to participate with their story can do so.

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This is similar to the Story Spotlight events I’m trying to get up and running.

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