Creating love rituals

If you know me you know I can sometimes be a romance novel geek, And I’ve read a lot of fantasy books, read a lot of mythology too and science fiction and I think that sums everything pretty up.

Normally I have been quite interesting in creating love rituals for my world and it is I can say successful in a way?

Some things you should consider:

  1. How do they flirt?
  • Flirting is a ritual of love that everyone knows about. How does a woman/man/nonbinary show their interest in another person? Ex: In my world, a person would call the person their interested it “Naroula” which means soulmate.

  • Bringing you partner/someone your interested in out in the night to stare at the stars and talk about the star and the moon is considered a flirting type in my world.

  1. Their customs/traditions
  • So again I will use my world as an example, in my world there is a type of flower you will give someone your interested in. This flower when touched by your crush would turn whatever color to show their hidden feelings for you/how each other love is. There is a color for unrequited love and if you give your partner and it turns that color then tough luck my friend they are other fishes in the sea though.

  • Bringing your partner to a spot where you are prideful about is the greatest honor and shows to your partner that you have feelings for them.

  • You are only suppose to court one person at a time (unless polymerous)

  1. How long does courtship last?

Is there a time when pursues have to stop pursing that person if they haven’t given them the time of the day?

Anyway this are just my little tips feel free to add more


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My story isn’t quite about romance, although flirting and ect. is quite similar to the real world, as are many of the themes (It’s a fantasy story but it focusses on some of the issues of the real world)
But yea this is a cool thread!


I’m making a Ancient Greek/Roman/Mayan/Native American tribes before the discovery of America type of world and I’m making a few love Rituals myself, so if you want to use them you can, I’ll keep editing new ides in here whenever I get them.

Firsty, a compliment for people would be “Cow-eyed”, but this type of compliment is more used for being serious than just flirtatious … Why? Becuase telling somebody is pretty, sexy or good-looking is one things, but complimenting somebody by the words people in Ancient Greece used to describe the beautiful Hera is more serious because she is godess of marriage … It’s esentially saying “Someday you’ll make a great wife, and you’re as beautiful as Hera too” instead of just saying “You’re beautiful.” It could be a hint that person is going to propose, but it doesn’t have to.
A literature teacher once told me that cow-eyed was a compliment so I just went with it. But people did really call Hera cow-eyed.

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Interesting fact :thinking: thanks for telling us!!

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