Creating Unique Nicknames for your Characters

Creating a unique Nickname isn’t as hard as it sounds if you think about it. Each character is unique and you only need one quirk or thing that makes them special.

Exp: My oldest Character Regan has the nickname Butterfly. Sounds simple, but there’s a whole backstory with her grandpa and blue butterflies. (same reason basically that I’m called butterfly by summy).

you can go for something like the appearance or a playful version of their name(Reg for Regan, or Kitty for Charlia (Westeria RP) who is a lynx hybrid) but sometimes you can turn a fun moment into a nickname. (Exp: Forky for someone who pokes you to say hi (because you use a fork to poke food))

In the end a nickname is something that suits the person that gives it and is often a sign of being close to each other. Whatever nickname you go for, as long as it’s something that links to only them, then it doesn’t matter what it is!

@RPers, I hope this helps a little by creating unique nicknames for your character.


forky is so funny

The MC of my story, Ellie, goes by a shortened form of her given name, which is Elisabeth. She was the one who came up with Ana Paola’s nickname, Rockstar, because in the first chapter, Eduardo was going to sing at his uncle’s wedding, and Ana Paola interrupted him by changing the song and singing ‘Rockstar’. Now, even her brother and dad refer to her as Rockstar, and she’s even grown a bit fond of it.


Nicely said, lovely. (wink) Thanks for the info.