Cultural Appropriation Discussion

So I’ve recently come across ANOTHER outfit being used as a costume as if a culture is something to show off when you’re not apart of it…


It’s just. It’s no. No no no no.

Cultural appropriation if you are not familiar is:

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures. (wikipedia)

What are some examples of cultural appropriation? Why are they considered this? I think more people should be educated (including myself) on why and what’s important to understand why someone should not do this.


As a white Mexican-ish who passes off as just white but having the Mexican or Hispanic Latina (idk what the race is technically)in my genes, I also was wondering if I’m allowed to wear the Mexican cultured outfits, or how much I can participate in my family’s events?

Cos I have a huge family that is Mexican because my mom is Mexican and we go to events of theirs and have family reunions blah blah blah but I’ve always felt different because my dad gave me the white-genes. (I was born blonde with green eyes) My Mexican family when I visit them do so much Mexican traditions and events that I never felt like I could participate in though they’ve pushed me to get up and dance or celebrate but I’ve never felt this right to include myself no matter my racial buildup.

Would be participating in those events and wearing what they wear be cultural appropriation?

And besides that, please also discuss the general form of what cultural appropriation comes in, it’s harmful consequences, etc.



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@ShanniiWrites I would actually like your specific thoughts as well.

Oh I have filipino family so I can relate to this! In terms of participating in family events- idk you should be allowed to cuz it’s family lol. Like my grandparents want to take us to the Philippines and there we’d partake in some of the culture. (I’m not ready to go tho cuz it’s a long flight and I’m not good with that kind of thing) as for the rest it’s a question for me too.
But I do think that there’s a difference between appreciating culture (especially culture that you come from) and appropriation.

But it’s also a hard thing because having my dad being white (who isn’t apart of the Mexican family), I don’t have much of the race in me (but it’s still there), and you can clearly see I’m different in features when you stand me and my tias/tios, cousins next to me, but we are very close as a family and we have events (or did) that are all surrounded by the Mexican culture. So I feel off by saying I come from family of Mexican decent (my great grandmother moved to America from Mexico during the Great Depression and had kids who had kids that were all made up of clear Hispanic buildup because their spouses would be the same race and some (my family for example) would go off and date a white person and create kids who are white (I have many kid relatives who come from that family and end up having a white parent because my family members love choice decisions) and well here is me conflicted on whether I have the right to say I’m apart of the culture or that I have the right to participate.

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Similar for me! My mom’s white, and my dad’s half filipino. I do look kinda filipino tho with m dark hair and eyes but that’s basically it. I mean, I think that because it’s my family I do have a right to participate when it comes to family things. My grandpa (or Lolo cuz that’s Grandpa in filipino) migrated here from the Philippines. He married my grandma or Lola- and she’s white. We have white family here mostly and back in the Philippines I have that Filipino side s well.

Yeah. It just makes me feel this mass amount of guilt when I think of taking part or owning that decent/culture I was technically product of only because I’m white.

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Like we call my grandma Lola because that’s culture in the Philippines but she isn’t Filipino… But we call her that because my Grandpa probably wanted to keep that culture. And personally I think that’s beautiful and nice of my Grandma to do that for my Grandpa…

I get that, but when it comes to family at least- I’ll never feel guilty- just more connected to the family I have. Doesn’t mean i’m gonna necessarily engage in the culture outside of it tho.

I think it only becomes a problem if you start claiming something that comes from another culture as coming from your own culture. Otherwise, Bill Maher sums up my view on the matter quite well:

“How dare you mix and match cultures to try and create something new? Where do you think you are? Some kind of melting pot?” :eyes:

So to answer your question, I wouldn’t think too much about it. This is your family. What’s offensive about partaking in traditions, even more if you’re invited to do it? I agree with @WritingWithStars. For example, I’m European but grew up in Hong Kong. So yes, I celebrate Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival even though I now live in Europe, because Hong Kong is part of my heart, even if I’m not linked to the region by blood.


But the thing is I am linked to the culture/descent by blood, I have the race in me, though it’s not prevalent in my complexion.


That shouldn’t matter lol.

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I understood that, and I meant to highlight that if it’s in your blood, there’s no reason you couldn’t partake in it. Even if it hadn’t been, if you’ve been invited to do it, there’s no reason you should feel bad about accepting.

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I also get worried about the actual percent I have in blood of the race. Because I’ve heard people tell me if I’m not 50% or look the race that I’m not the race at all lol and so I take a step back and just shut my mouth and feel guilty to speak about it because idekkk.


Don’t let people make you feel guilty! It’s your family for Pete’s sake! It really shouldn’t matter.

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Do you feel like the culture is part of you? If you do, that’s all that matters.

And it’s just especially annoying when I don’t even believe I can accept that as part of my cultural heritage. Thought if my mom’s family never existed, I wouldn’t have either. And they’re Mexican. Lol

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