Current Affairs: Malaria pill used in Coronavirus vaccine testing

According to this article the malaria pill is being used in the UK to see if it has any affect against the coronavirus, this is just a trial. So have any other countries tried it? Do you think it will work? Why/why not?


I think that it isn’t a good idea and that they should focus on developing a good treatment against Corona, since taking medicine against other diseases could lead to side effects :eyes::eyes::green_heart:


Does kinda reek of desperation ngl

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My mom saw in an article that the World Health Organization has ceased testing hydroxychloroquine because they found that it’s doing more harm than good.

So are there any more updates on this? :eyes::sparkles:

My mum said that there are other more effective ways of treatment and that this will cause more harm than good :eyes::green_heart:

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