Current Affairs: Statues & Vandalizing Them

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So, I was wanting to go over this about the violent groups of the recent protests that are tearing and vandalizing statues all around America. I understand where they are coming from on the fact that they represent people from a time period that is sensitive to Black Lives Matter but that does not excuse them destroying property. That is a federal crime since most of those statues are under the Historical protection law which is a federal law. It means that you will be investigated by the FBI and not the everyday police. Also, it means you go to federal prison instead of the regular prisons. Is destroying property like a statue truly worth the chances of going to jail which would ruin your life? Don't compare this type of behavior to Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks; they didn't destroy stuff to get their points across. They stood up like the peaceful protesters while handling the harshest of behavior towards them. The ones causing violence, destroying property, and committing crimes are giving these protests a bad reputation. That's all I'm going to say on that matter.

Now, let’s get back to the statues. The statues that are being vandalized are on federal property; this is why many cities who have removed their statues are being sued by the federal government of their states. They have a right to do so since they should have run it by the government before taking them down. Now, I would understand if they are taking them down until the protests are over in order to protect them then that is a different matter altogether. From what I have gathered, that is not the reason. It seems the Cities caved into the pressure which resulted in the removal hoping the protests would stop. They didn’t stop.

These statues hold a historical meaning to show what the past was like. It’s there too so that we know that we made huge milestones since the Civil War. Slavery was over but that doesn’t mean that it would be an easy process to transition from being a slave to becoming equal with the people who made you slaves. History has proven time and time again that we get better if we know not to make the same mistakes our ancestors made. Nothing can change what happened in the past but that doesn’t mean we have the right to destroy historical monuments because they are based on a time period that is a stigma in this country. If that were the case then many monuments around the world would need to be taken down. It doesn’t matter if it’s in books, on the internet or talked about in classrooms. You are taking away another way to learn the history that represents the past regardless of who it is. There are many people in the past who did atrocious acts but we still learn about them so we do not make the same mistakes they did. Be the better person, you are not your ancestors. You are a different person with your own morales.

Honestly, did anyone know that they tried to tear down the statue that honored the emancipation of slaves in the US? They really tried to destroy a monument that represented something good in America. You should probably make sure you know what statue your attacking means. Otherwise, you come off like fools to the public. That was such a face-palming moment when I heard they tried to take that statue down. If you do not like the statue then keep walking. No one is asking you to look at it. (This might come off as rude but I’m just being reasonable. No one is forcing you to go near it.)

Now, This is where I show a comparison of why the statues should not be torn down. There are many times in history where slavery happened. One of the oldest is the Hebrews who were enslaved by the Egyptians to build their pyramids, tombs, and so on. If we were to apply the same thoughts of what people are doing to the statues in American then that would mean that all of Egypt’s historical monuments should be torn down. Since they represent a time when the Egyptians were suppressing the Hebrews. That will never happen because they are considered Historical wonders. Note the comparison made about the pyramids is a hypothetical example. Then we have the more recent time of the holocaust. A stigma that the world will never forget. They still have the camps preserved for people to go see. Those camps would be torn down if we applied the same logic as with the statues. The point is you do not see anyone protesting for those historical monuments to be torn down so why should statues not fall under that same thought process. Where does forcing your agenda down people’s throats over something you do not agree with getting you? Nothing but pain and disappointment. It’s also another way of tearing down a piece of art. Someone made those statues which their hard work is being destroyed because it has to do with the Civil War. I just feel like this is another way of oppressing some parts of our past. Now, those others are now going to skip over history that covers the slavery of black people. How do you know not to make a mistake if you haven’t learned about it? You can’t expunge history from education, politics, and life in general. Those are milestones to learn about to see how far we have come. People are going in circles over something that happened 150 years ago. I understand standing up for wrongful deaths like George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and many others. Those deaths should not have happened but what do those deaths have to do with statues. Nothing. Those statues are about the past, not the present.

This is an article about the who built the pyramids. Like I said what I listed was a hypothetical theory if the Hebrews had been slaves.



My thinking is, yes, statues of important figures who owned slaves and mistreated indigenous people (big issue here in Canada) should be taken down from whatever pedestal they stand on, BUT they should be placed in a museum with a plaque that tells people why the statue was erected and why it was taken down. For example, ‘This a statue of Sir John A Macdonald. It was erected because he was the first prime minister of Canada and was taken down because he mistreated the First Nations people and had a hand in the creation of residential schools.’


Okay, I can get behind this! They would be much safer in museums but people would rather tear them down then petition for them to go into a museum.


So a lot of the statues people want to tear down were erected during Jim Crowe times to remind black people that they are - and always will be - second-class citizens. There were protests for decades to get the statues moved into Museums or just moved somewhere else were people don’t need to be constantly reminded of their supposed place in society. But it didn’t work. Just like the peaceful BLM protests didn’t work. It never works. America doesn’t care about the voices of black people, they care about property damage. That’s the only way to actually make people listen.

And with regards to this ““art””? Cry harder. If you claim those statues are your history and culture, you’re on the wrong side and you’ll lose just like them


I never said that they shouldn’t be turned down but vandalizing them doesn’t help the cause. The reason the peaceful protests aren’t working is that they are being overshadowed by those who would rather destroy stuff than actually protest. I have nothing against the protests but when they start getting people hurt over lifeless “art” like a statue then that changes the agenda.

To some, those are “art” to others they are “eyesores” it’s a no-win battle no matter where you go with it. That should be placed in a Museum or in a safer section that doesn’t get more traffic than the areas they were at. Grant it the statues represent people from a time that painted the black community as “second-class citizens”. Those statues represent a stigma on the American Culture but destroying them isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. They just come off as criminals to the public eye instead. America’s system is screwed for sure but that doesn’t mean prove them right by making a crime just get a point across.

That right there is a flawed point. Violence just brings on more violence. We are losing more people to the protests then they are helping at this point. No one should die or get hurt just to get a point across. We just had a protester get killed because they blocked an interstate and the driver was too afraid to stop so instead of getting out of the way because they thought the driver would stop. Two people got ran over for this protest. It’s not that America doesn’t care but the fact that the government chooses to stir the pot instead of actually doing something. We have two parties that are tearing each other apart so that they can win by doing that they keep throwing more fuel on the fire. There will always be a peaceful group that gets trampled on plus the non-peaceful group that is doing the trampling. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. It’s almost 4:30 in the morning here.

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Who’s getting hurt? The statues? Again, no-one listened. Are the lives of the protestors less important than the statues? Is the convenience of the people who like the statues more important than the mental health of the people who need to look at them and be reminded of how hated they are for existing? These are the questions brought up by people who discuss this issue. The “cause”? The hell does anyone know about the cause. No-one listened until property was damaged. Whose legacy is more important? Because by keeping those statues up? We’re saying the legacy of racist America is more important than the legacy of those displaced into being there.

This was tried, but white people don’t - and can’t - understand the damage they cause. It’s really that simple :man_shrugging:

This is very strong language. Defacing them isn’t destroying them. Tearing them down isn’t destroying them. Trump used this exact strong, directed language a few days ago when he implied that protestors are less than human and tried to cause a black and white cultural war between Americans and non-Americans in his 4th of July speech.

This is a massive, massive problem in America. The idea that because someone breaks the law they are less than human. It’s disgusting.

So does spray-painting “Black Lives Matter” on a statue mean you should get the same time in prison as a sexual predator? That’s what Trump seems to want.

You clearly don’t know much about civil rights movements. Every single civil rights movement has needed violence to be heard. Women’s rights? Gay rights? The end of the Jim Crowe era? Yeah, we may say the peaceful protests got it across but that is a lie. Riots are what got those people heard. Violence. Against oppressive states, the only thing that rings loudly is action. And I hate to say it, America is a lot more than just oppressive. It’s quickly becoming fascist

But this is beyond the point anyway. Defacing a statue isn’t violence.

Again, who is being hurt or killed besides the oppressed people? On the whole? The statues? This argument is going beyond the statues, isn’t it?

So protestors were killed. Yeah. I can’t really say I know the intent of the driver, though, can you? I can’t really ascribe intent on anyone, a lot of the protestors may be in it for less than just reasons. But they’re the ones dying :man_shrugging: Freedom of speech where hast thou gone. Also, what ever happened to the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government? I guess that’s only a right for white people, huh?

This won’t help anything. Trump is a fascist who has called for the murder of protestors because to him black people are worth less than property. He’s called for people to die for statues. Biden is a monster, but he is not that bad. Nowhere close.

Ah, so you’re saying the protestors are hurting themselves when BLM acceptance and support is higher than ever? When all of their aims have more or less been achieved with the exception of the insurance that this will never happen again. For those wondering why the protests need to continue, that’s why. Police officers were arrested, Minneapolis abolished their police force, acceptance is high and their message is being heard. If they stopped now? Everything would go back to how it was before. Trump would crush them and go on murdering black people. It needs to continue.

My question is, what is more important? The lives of black people and their struggle for true equality? Or statues?


I’m going to answer this in a moment. I’m about to go to bed.


Oh no, take your time!


According to a lot of stupid people, they learned all their history from looking at all these statues. Lol OK.


I think it wrong to damage the statues and vandalizing them. In South Carolina at White point garden had statues that was vandalizing.

It kinda makes me sad because all those pirates were hanged on the oak tree in 18th centuries. Although I visit the park like last thanksgiving.

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That’s not the point of the statues. Yes, they are another form of learning history but they aren’t the only way. The statues were erected because they were representing people that made a difference in America. People are nitpicking because some of those statues represent people who were slave owners. The statues need to be placed in a museum for safe keeping so that they aren’t destroyed by people who do not like them.

It is upsetting that they are vandalizing statues but at least that statue can be cleaned up so the damage isn’t permanent.

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I know that’s not the point however, that is the point people are using so that they do not get removed.

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That is very true. Though I would wish people went through the proper channels to petition the removal of the statue versus damaging it. I get where you are coming from which I do understand.

True but unfortunately I hope those pirates were hanged on the oak tree back in the 18th century doesn’t come back to haunted them.

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Oh whoops, I fell asleep instead.

The statues can be taken down in the proper way but forcing them down does not help. That’s really all I have to say about that. You’re right, most people are more caring about the history of the country than those who were damaged by that history. It’s not right but sadly that is the route that was taken. There are many ways to go about this but like you said “property damage seems to be the only route” which is disappointing since it should not come to that at all.

It’s better to have the bad history next to the good history so that people can see the changes that were made. It shows that the world has come a long way but there is still racism which will probably be there no matter how much we condemn it. I wish it wouldn’t be so hard to stamp out but that is the case.

You’re right tearing them down might not be destroying them but pulling them down then setting the statue on fire is actually destroying a statue. Knocking off a statue into water is defacing but if the statue can’t be recovered in time it can lead to destroying if left underwater for too long. I do not like the fact that Trump is going after people with jail time since graffiti can be washed off. A statue can be placed back up but fixing fire damage is a bit harder to clean up.

I agree it is disgusting. No one is less human even if they are criminals. I wish people would look at this without jumping to that conclusion but they do. It’s hard to change how those who commit crimes are judged because it goes against a norm that everyone knows. I hate it the most which are why I made that comment.

No, I don’t know much about civil rights because that is not my forte. Yes, every protest has had violence in it since the first protest. It’s a cycle that will never end because that’s what makes people finally stop and start listening to the protesters. I wish this wasn’t the case because I’m a pacifist which a lot of people do not like pacifists because they think we do not understand most violent acts just to get a point across. I might not know much about it but I can still have an opinion over it. I’m not saying taking the statues is a bad thing. I just wish people to come to an understanding about them.

I was mentioning that since it was part of the protests. That is a small matter compared to the topic of the statues. I was just putting some information out there is all.

No, I can’t but I can guess to what might be the thoughts the driver was thinking. Not that it was truly how they felt in the moment. It’s just a hypothesis of what might have happened.

White people aren’t right all the time. To say that, it really ignorant if anyone actually stands by that thought process. I certainly do not stand by that since there many things I disagree with that those in America that have made certain choices no matter their race. There is a lot that America has done wrong which we are still licking the wounds we made on ourselves out of stubbornness, pride, and even manipulative behaviors. I do not support Trump for how he has handled these past four years.

You’re right it doesn’t help anything at all. It just makes it worse. I rather not have Trump or Biden as choices but we are stuck with them.

Nope, I was just stating a fact. The protests are finally working but there are always two groups in the protests that vie for control is all I meant.

The lives of black community are more important which is why I wish we didn’t risk so much for statues that are lifeless pieces that do not have a living breathing soul behind it. This is about all I can say on the matter, to be honest. I get where you are coming from which you made excellent points. I do agree with what you were getting at.

Gotcha, that is an interesting point but I think damaged to the ground or tree of the hangings would probably bring more haunting problems than the statue.

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Good point but there are a lot of things that haunted from park that was used as a civil war.

I also visit the fontana dam as well. That one is really haunted if you take the road to no where.

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Yeah, it just depends on what gets disturbed in that area.

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Yea, I like learning about haunted things from time to time. I even play Halloween music on piano as well.

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