Daily Game Soundtracks Prompts?

Wow it’s been a while since I was here huh-

SO here’s the thing
My hands had been itching to draw since I’m so busy with college and all, and I thought “what about I search for some daily prompts?” . I originally wanted to draw something about music or songs, and then I realized there’s no prompts about game soundtracks.

And so I thought why not I make one myself because soundtracks need love too . I’ve listed a bunch of them, maybe yall can help me think what else can I put/change and maybe check my grammar too XDD it’s been millennia since I post things like this in English

Game soundtrack prompts idk

1: An opening/menu theme
2: A character theme
3: A location theme
4: Cutscene music
5: Game over music
6: Boss/Main battle theme
7: The most famous soundtrack in a franchise
8: An 8-bit style soundtrack
9: An underrated soundtrack that everyone should listen
10: A remix/lofi/music box remix of a soundtrack
11: A soundtrack that makes you feel hopeless while you’re playing the game
12: A soundtrack which gives you an adrenaline rush
13: A soundtrack that will always cheers you up
14: A soundtrack with a mysterious vibe
15: A soundtrack that plays during a climatic scene
16: A soundtrack that gives you PTSD
17: A soundtrack with lyrics/ that has vocals
18: A soundtrack which the main instrument is your most favorite one (like piano, violin etc)
19: A soundtrack that has a character’s name on it
20: A soundtrack but it’s actually a loyalty-free music
21: A soundtrack you may use for a fan edit
22: A soundtrack that gives you the creeps
23: A soundtrack that has a certain aesthetic vibe (sci-fi/city/antiquity etc)
24: A soundtrack that gives you wtf vibes
25: A soundtrack you wish/want to learn how to play
26: A soundtrack with a long af title
27: A soundtrack you always listen when you want to chill
28: A soundtrack that you didn’t expect that you’ll love it
29: An extremely short/long (or both) soundtrack
30: End credits/epilogue music
31: Bonus~
32: ???

Maybe I should create one for movie/anime soundtracks too, but my brain is currently empty.

So, what do we do?

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idk tbh :skull:
I don’t think I know anyone in my life who loves game soundtracks like I do and at the same time I just want someone to share this idea with soooooo

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I like Genshin soundtracks.

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Oooh :eyes:
Maybe you can try use my prompt for this if you want to
I wanted to make them into a pretty template but I’m kinda lazy XD

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I can try.

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Ohhh this actually sounds cool

I’ll do it

Day 1

Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts Menu

And since you also said an Opening

I’ll throw in Simple and Clean too

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Day 2

This was a hard one to pick, but then I was like “of course!” And picked my literal favourite character theme of all time.

I like to headcanon that all of the character themes in FF7 are based on how Cloud see’s the character, so Tifa’s theme being so calming and peacful and lovely is just so wholesome.

But even without the headcanon it’s just good

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Day 3

Extremely hard to pick since I’m a person who has multiple favourite location themes, most of them from Final Fantasy games. Black Mage Village from FF9 deserves a very honourable mention but for now…

I’ll be chosing Fierce and Free from FF14, it’s the theme for an area called il mheg, I’ll be posting pictures of my character there too.

Ever since I was young I always wanted a location in a game or piece of media that encapsulated what I wanted when I imagined a fantastical “fairyland” and the only thing that seriously hit the nail on the head was Il Mheg from the Shadowbringers expansion.

The song is very calming and whimsical, it makes for amazing background music but sometimes I just go to the area to fill my heart with rainbows.

My Character in the area

Day 4

It’s hard to pick one but this one makes me extremely emotional

Day 5

Sadly most of the games I’ve played don’t actually have game over music so while I would love to highlight a game that isn’t FF, I’m not gonna.

I chose the FF9 game over music simply because of the medieval sound and the way it feels so conclusive. The FF7 one is good too but it almost feels mocking :joy::joy:

Day 6

Once again I’m going to be calling upon FF9 but I want to give an honourable mention to Bayonetta which has The Greatest Jubilee, Undertale which has Hopes and Dreams/Save the World and FF7 which has the infamous One Winged Angel.

FF9 is just my favourite game and has my favourite boss theme of all time.

Day 7

Prelude from final fantasy is pretty infamous tbh! There’s so many other game franchises with catchy and familiar tunes though, like the HALO theme for example.

But anyway here’s one of many many versions of Prelude.

Day 8

Tis a classic

Day 9

This was my favourite game as a kid and I maintain that it has a good soundtrack

Day 10

I know I already posted Tifa’s Theme but it lends itself really nicely to lo-fi

Day 11

It’s not common to have a song in a game that makes me feel hopeless because usually there will always be an essence of hope in there but

Spoilers for FF14 Endwalker

When the final days hit Thavanair and this song started playing I was genuinely worried about what was gonna happen, which is intentional. You only get your hope back after you complete the segment (the final days haven’t stopped by that point) where you hear everyone talk about how they’re going to stay hopeful and not succumb to despair (in the final days if you succumb to despair you turn into a blasphemy) but yeah this song was…spooky

Day 12

I love hearing this because it’s just such good “here we go this is gonna be hard” music, gets the blood pumping

Day 13

I swore to myself that today I wouldn’t post an FF related song

So the horse riding music from botw definitley makes me feel happy, therefore does cheer me up.

Day 14

This is a very mysterious sounding song, it highlighted the character it’s for as being both mysterious and potentially more sinister than he lets on