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In the Nise Prefecture of Tokyo, there is a very special place; A place where all of the most talented gifted students, masters of their craft, come together to become Ultimates in their field. A place with all the most prestigious and technical education, care, and security. A place with countless numbers of rich, famous, and ground-breaking graduates. This place is Kibōyama Institute for Radically Adept, or K.I.R.A. for short. This year, you- Yes, you- are attending classes at the institute, ready to master your Ultimate Talent. But as soon as you enter the school’s doors, you know that something is wrong. You find yourself waking up in a classroom, barely able to remember your own name, and you are told that you will never be able to escape this school again.

Unless, of course, you can get away with murdering one of your classmates.

A remote mountaintop prison. Gruesome crimes. Cutthroat trials. Punishment by death. All of this and more awaits you within these walls. So will you be able to escape this school? Or will you end up as another body in the pile?

This’ll be fun. Un- bear -ably fun.

Simpler Summary:

Kids are trapped in a school. To escape, they have to get away with murder. Once a murder is commited, a trial is held by all the kids to find out who did it. If the kids find the culprit, the murderer is executed. If they convict the wrong person, everyone but the murderer will be executed. Repate until only a few students are left.


The basic rules for the forums and the rp section apply in this rp, of course. But there’s a few rules I want to cover that will be specific for this rp.

  1. No Mary Sues.
  2. Your character has a 99% chance of dying. Death will not be avoidable. You won’t be able to dodge it.
  3. Class Trials will be held after each murder in order to attempt to discover who the culprit is. Everyone will gather evidence, give equal contributions, debate, and everyone will be a potential suspect. In the end, a vote will be held on who each person thinks is the culprit.
  4. If you want your character to be a potential murderer, you will have to fill out a google form with the motive, potential victim and method of murder. If @Daunt and I agree, you will be chosen and written in as the murderer, although your identity will be hidden until the end of the trial.

I wrote this outside of the rest of the rules since I know everyone won’t read the drop down. There are some rules for character creation.

  1. The age range is between 15-18 years old.
  2. Faceclaim pictures must be anime.
  3. Most of the students will be Japanese. If you’d like to be a student from another country, there will be a few foreign spots to reserve. First come, first serve.
  4. Each student will be an Ultimate, the most skilled in the country at a particular talent, and that is the reason why the have been intvited to attend the school. There is a wide range of talents your character can have, from Ultimate Balleria to Ultimate Cook. @Daunt and I will be approving each talent as you approve, to make sure we don’t have too many of one type (Fighters, artists, musicians, etc.).

Character Form: :dagger:
FaceClaims: :hocho:
Locations: :scissors:


@Daunt: 1 female (Ultimate Botanist) 1 male (Ultimate Survivor)
@GlitterFist: 1 female (Ultimate Kintsugi Expert) 1 female (Ultimate Basketball Player)
@phnx: 1 foreign female (Ultimate Markswoman) 1 male (Ultimate Detective)
@passionfruit: 1 foreign female (Ultimate Pop Star) 1 male (Ultimate Scuba Diver)
@Kbail: 1 foreign female (Ultimate Creative Writer) 1 female (Ultimate Psychic) 1 male (Ultimate Ventriloquist)
@Littlefeets: 1 female (Ultimate Cosplayer) 1 male (Ultimate Acrobat) 1 male (Ultimate Magician)
@Secreterz: 1 female (Ultimate Peking Actress) 1 female (Ultimate Candy Maker) 1 male (Ultimate Chef)
@angelic: 1 female (Ultimate Kickboxer) 1 female (Ultimate Poker Player)
@LHT: 1 feamle (Ultimate Beauty Queen) 1 male (Ultimate Robotics Engineer)
@elixr: 1 female (Ultimate Digital Artist) 1 male (Ultimate Psychiatrist)
@ForeverAngel: 1 female (Ultimate Jiujitsu Master) 1 male (Ultimate Toxicologist)



Breaking these up into sections so that if you already were here for the first version of the roleplay, you can skip the intro and just re-read the rules! It’s pretty much the same as last time with some missing and changed bits.

Introduction: Getting To Know Monokuma

One by one, students began to wake up in various spots throughout the school with no memory as to how they got there. Some would find themselves stuffed into a locker and others would be sleeping peacefully at a table. Thankfully, the weather outside was kind to the few who found themselves outside. The one thing that each student had in common, though, was the clear presence of a note tucked inside their hand, each reading the same thing.

Hurry and meet in the gym for orientation!

Although the majority had managed to find their way to the gym, quite a few were taking their precious time. The building had been abnormally quiet, save for the soft talking between a few students, until now. An alarm rang throughout the school: ding dong, bing bong.
A monitor had been prepared in every room of the building, surrounded by speakers. The screen turned on and a blurry, black silhouette appeared on the monitor. It was unrecognizable, making it clear that this had not been used before. Static filled the screen as an annoyingly shrill and playful voice began speaking.
“Ahem, ahem! Testing, testing! Mike check, one, two! This is a test of the school broadcast system! Am I on? Can everybody hear me? Okay, well then…!”
There was a brief pause before they launched quickly into saying, “To all incoming students, I would like to begin the entrance ceremony at, well… right now. Seeing as some of you can’t read, please make your way to the gymnasium at your earliest convenience. … That’s all! I’ll be waiting!”
And just like that, the monitors turned off before the picture could ever settle and become clear. The entire building was, once again, deadly silent.

. . .

Now that most, if not all, students had made it to the auditorium, it was time for the ‘orientation’. After all, even if they wanted to, there was no possible way they could leave the mountainside campus, any possible exit being blocked off.
Quiet chattering continued until the moment the lights went out. A beat passed.
The lights directed at the stage flicked on, shining against the wooden podium. Mere seconds after the lights had turned on, a teddy bear appeared out of nowhere, sitting on the podium. Hearing the confused mumbling about the “teddy bear’s” sudden appearance, the mouth began to move.
“I am not a teddy bear… I’m Monokuma!” Jumping to their feet, a wide, toothy grin appeared on it’s face.
“And I am this school’s headmaster! I know this is sudden but I just couldn’t bear waiting any longer!” The voice matched that of the one speaking over the announcements, shrill and playful. It was unclear whether it was a male or female but their attitude seemed bubbly and carefree. It was… bizarre
For a moment, Monokuma was pleased to see the students in shock and distress. His expression was smug. Could a bear’s face even be smug? Either way, that was the sort of… aura that he radiated. With a cheerful tone, he began, “Quiet down now, quiet down. Ah, okay, so…! Let us commence with a most noteworthy and memorable entrance ceremony! First, let’s talk a bit about what your school life here will be like. Now, ah, make no mistake-- you few students, so full of potential, represent the hope of the world. And to protect such a splendid hope… you will all live a communal life together solely within the confines of this school. Everyone will live in harmony together and adhere to the rules and regulations of the school. Ah, now… regarding the end date for this communal life… There isn’t one! In other words, you’ll all be here until the day you die! Such is the school life you’ve been assigned.”

The Rules

As headmaster, I’ve crafted a special clause for those of you who would like to leave. I call it… the Graduation Clause! Now, let me tell you about this fun little rule. As I mentioned, in order to maintain an environment of harmony here, we rely on a communal lifestyle. And if someone were to disrupt that harmony, they and they alone would be allowed to leave the school. That, my students, is the Graduation Clause!” Somewhere in the room, a monotone voice spoke out, asking what he meant by ‘disrupt the harmony.’ "Puhuhu, well, you know… **If one person were to *murder* another… Stabbing, strangling, bludgeoning, crushing, hacking, drowning, igniting, how you do it doesn’t matter. *You must kill someone if you want to leave.* It’s as simple as that. The rest is up to you. Give it your all to achieve the best outcome in the worst way possible. Oh, and you must do it *without getting caught by your fellow students.* It must be the perfect crime."** Sensing the mild panic and disbelief, a grin appeared as he giggled, “Puhuhu, to commemorate your joyous entry into our school, I have a little something for you…” Quickly, an electronic device was whipped out of seemingly nowhere, a proud ‘ta-daaa’ following short behind. "This is our official student handbook! Pretty cool, huh?

This is basically a phone with extremely limited functions, thanks to it’s programming. When turned on, the owner’s name is displayed in a fancy font, followed by the school symbol before allowing you to view various things. For now, you are only able to view the school regulations and the basic information of every other student, as well as a map of the school which is linked on the signups. It also may be used to enter various places, but this will be included in the locations slides if needed to enter a room.
The Monokuma files will also appear here at the beginning of each investigation-- you’ll find out more about those later.

There is only one ‘weakness’ to it, but you may or may not discover that.

“As you can see, it’s fully digital. So naturally, we call it the e-Handbook! Each of your respective e-Handbooks are here, at the edge of the stage and you may pick them up at the end of this ceremony along with your respective room key. This handbook is absolutely vital to a healthy school life, so don’t lose it! When you start it up, it will display your name; always make sure you have the right one! It’s completely waterproof. Splash it, wash it, drown it, it’ll keep on ticking! And thanks to space-age design, it can withstand an impact force of up to ten tons. Very resistant! And make sure you review the school regulations thoroughly! You’ll hear me say this a lot, but any violation of school regulations will not be tolerated! Rules restrict, yes, but they also protect. Okay… Well, that brings our entrance ceremony to a close! Please enjoy your abundantly dreary school life! And… see ya!”

Monokuma slipped away leaving his fit of laughter to fade as well. For a moment, there was silence. Some were wary of other students while others were thinking too much for their own good. Eventually, people began talking while others slipped away.

Alright, that’s basically it for now! You’re free to roleplay, your characters interacting whilst exploring the campus, etc. I know we all probably wanna get to the mystery aspect but there will be one more event a motive will be given before that (unless someone wants to apply to become the first blackened before then!).
Basically, there is this full day left (if you choose to roleplay something later in the day, please clarify at the beginning of the post it happens), then the next day the event happens and after that… it’s up to y’all how long it is before the mystery begins.

One more thing, how long would y’all like this day to last? I don’t want it to drag on too long so whatever wins is the longest we will let the day go for unless said otherwise (:
If, for example, 3-4 days win but things begin to slow down too much, we’ll move on at 3 days instead of 4.

  • 1-2 days real time.
  • 3-4 days real time.
  • 5-6 days real time.
  • A week-a week and a half real time.
  • A week and a half-two weeks.

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Akahana had awoken inside an abandoned science classroom, slumped over on a desk with half-dissected frogs laying on the desks all around her. She couldn’t remember how she’d gotten there, and she didn’t even know for sure where “there” was. All she could think to do in that moment was run into the halls, looking for a way out.

As she explored around the school she was trapped in, she discovered that all of the windows and doors that might have led outside had been sealed and boarded up. She searched every square inch of the place for a ray of sunlight, a breath of fresh air from outside, or just someboody, ANYBODY, to interact with.

The intercom announcement led her to the school’s auditoorium, where she was relieved to finally get confirmation that she wasn’t alone. There were people here, kids just like her, all confused and scared and angry. They were all stuck here together, and at least that was something, right?

When the “headmaster” poppout out of nowhere and made his speech, Akahana was dumbfounded. This thing;The teddy bear, the escapeless school, the… other stuff… It all had to be some kind of weird joke, right? A sick, elaborate prank, or a publicity stunt, or a reality show set-up, or something?

As soon as the bear dissappeered, there was a breif moment where everyone just stood in silent shock. Akahana was the first to break the silence as she suddenly doubled over in hysterical laughter. She couldn’t believe something this bizzarre, this hillarious, would ever happen to her. She was just a normal highschool girl… apart from her Ultimate talent. Looking around at the faces of the other students, she was surprised to see they all looked terrified or sorrowful. It only made her laugh harder. None of this could be real… right?

Still wheezing, Akahana climbed up onto the stage the bear had made his speech on and took the microphone he’d been using off of it’s stand. “Check, check, one, two…” She tested it before adressing the rest of the kids that were gathered there. “Alright, hey everybody. Akahana Dokutsu here, Ultimate Basketball Player.” She said, still chuckling a bit. “Let’s all lighten up, okay? None of us are really taking this seriously, right? This obviously can’t be real. Nobody in Japan would ever let this happen, espescially to us. We’re Ultimates! We’re the country’s future! They’re not going to let anything bad happen to us.” She scoffed. “So let’s search this place, try to figure out what this is. I bet if we look hard enough, we’ll find a fire exit or hidden camera or something. And then we’ll get outta here and sue the pants offa whoever stuck us in here. So, is anybody rational here? Who’s with me?” She asked, looking out over the crowd.



Gym || Alone

For what felt like ages, Himari stood in stunned silence; that in and of itself was a feat. It was difficult to silence her or calm her down since silence allowed her mind to wander to dark places. She liked to drown out those thoughts. Luckily, one girl seemed to bring everyone back to reality despite the somewhat oppressive atmosphere. She was on the stage in a matter of seconds, declaring that everyone should look look around the campus.
Immediately, Himari found herself agreeing as she quickly nodded. “Ooh, ooh! I agree! Let’s look around but… let’s not be by ourselves ju~st in case!” Her words were somewhat drawn out as she responded, making her way to the edge of the stage. There, she grabbed what was suppose to be her e-handbook and room key. With a small smile, she pulled up the map and began looking around for someone to cling on to. She was certain that this has to be some sort of messed up joke. At the very least, a poor attempt at a fun initiation to the school despite not recognizing it.

@GlitterFist || Akahana (mentioned)

Gym || Alone

Unlike the girl who took over the stage, Ryo could not help but doubt that this was all untrue. His pessimism-- and something akin to self-pity --as a result from past traumas made it so that it would be even more unbelievable if this were a prank. It would be just his luck to be forced into some sort of maniacal killing game straight out of a dystopian-themed book.
His nose twitched and his eyes rolled. Annoyance flooded him as the more peppy teens began to speak up. Their optimism… it was unsettling. Yet he would not disagree to searching the building. Either way, it would benefit not only him but the entire group. Ryo snatched his e-handbook and key off of the stage quickly and with a heavy sigh, he spun on his heel so that he faced the exit. He ignored another girl’s words about finding someone to wander with-- he did not feel as though a partner or group was necessary. At least, not enough so for him to go out of his way and find one.

@GlitterFist || Akahana (mentioned)

Gym || Alone

It felt a tad bit surreal to watch everything play out as it had. Especially while he was still rubbing the indents on his arms from the locker that he had been stuffed inside. Seriously, with his broad frame? Did he really need to be stuffed in a locker? Talk about a rough awakening.
Yet Monokuma’s spiel died down and his laughter faded. It was only a few minutes, if he had to guess, before a lively girl began to speak on the stage. The majority of the students were suddenly knocked out of their daze as she gave a passionate speech as to how none of what everyone was just told could be true. Nami found himself speaking up in agreement. “Well… it wouldn’t hurt to take a look around.” With a confident and laid back stroll, he went up to the stage to grab the e-handbook and key. A map would probably be useful-- after all, this was only the gymnasium. If the rest of the school matched up to the grand size of this one room… it would be huge. Difficult to navigate.
“Time to find a buddy, hm?” He mumbled, turning to look at the group.

@GlitterFist || Akahana (mentioned)

I promise my posts aren’t always this bad or short, haha


Momo was dazed and terrified. Ever since she’d found herself waking up inside of a musty old refrigerator in the school’s cafetieria, the day had been a nonstop whirl of chaos. She’d curled up into a ball on the floor until an announcement over the loudspeakers had summoned her to the gymnasium, where a huge crowd of kids her age were waiting, all equally as confused as she was. When a black and white teddy bear appeered on the stage, declared himself the school’s “headmaster”, and said that they’d all be there until they’d die, it didn’t do anything to help her confusion, or to calm her nerves. She couldn’t even believe what was happening. She stood there in shock, staring at the tiled floor, and the world started to blur as her heart raced. Would she really be stuck here, with all of these people she didn’t know, forever? She could feel herself starting to panic, and took deep breaths to calm herself. She stared deeply into the cracks between the floor tiles and imagined them getting slowly filled with delicately poured gold laquer. As the imaginary gold washed over the dull marble, Momo felt a bit of serenity washing over herself.

The bear was still speaking. "…And if someone were to disrupt that harmony, they and they alone would be allowed to leave the school. That, my students, is the Graduation Clause!”

“W-What do you mean by ‘disrupt the harmony’?” Momo asked, wondering if she even wanted to know.

“Puhuhu, well, you know… If one person were to murder another…

“…M-Murder?” Momo fell to her knees, quivering. She squeezed her eyes shut and covered her ears as the horrible bear started listing off all sorts of terrible ways someone could die. It made her sick to her stomach. Did this little… pervert get off on this stuff or something? She curled up into a ball again and just tried to shut this all out until it was over.

One girl didn’t think that this was serious, and she and a few other sceptics planned to take off and explored the school. As much as Momo wanted to believe this was all fake, she couldn’t. This whole idea… it was so horrible, it had to be real. She was just going to stay put. No way she was going out there with the rest of them, with so many people who could be her potential murderer. She just stayed in her safe little ball and tried to calm down and fight the urge to cry.



Location: Gymnasium

Hayato jolted up from his sleep ultimately bumping his head on the nearby sink that was securely installed into the bathroom wall. Letting a swear word slip as he rubbed his head, His disheveled fiery-looking orange locks were spewed in every other direction. He lifted himself up attempting to get a hold on his eyesight as they tried to adjust despite the morning rays peeking through whatever small crack was in the wall. Finally standing up he ducked down a bit to view his appearance in the mirror. Messy, Eyebags, And his clothes smelled like whatever floor cleaner was used to disinfect the place. Great.

Fixing his stray hairs as best as he could, Splashing a few hand cups of water on his face and dusting off his clothes. Hayato swung open the bathroom door nearly having to step back as a few crying students flew past him. He stared momentarily and sighed. One minute he was mixing up his best batch of chemicals yet- The next he wakes up in some bathroom to what looks like…A school? Looking down at the slightly crunched paper he carried out from the bathroom, Unraveling it in bold yet messy letters stated- Hurry and meet in the gym for orientation! Hayato threw the paper in a nearby bin and walked down to the room with a “Gym” sign overhead.

Hayato dodged the oncoming students, Although difficult with his large stature. He opened the Gym Door. Multiple seated students, Some crying, Some yelling, Some outright throwing full rage fits. It was all annoying. Hayato shoved his hands in his pockets and walked down, Plopping down on a seat.

There stood a little bear, Half white…A normal looking teddy bear on one half and a black red-eyed sinister appearance on the other. He was. MARVELOUS. A screwed up experimental animatronic gone wrong. Oh, what would Hayato give to run a few tests and experiment on the little creature. Hayato smiled as the bear gave his speech, Which scared most of the students but Hayato never even shivered or felt a single tinge of fear.

“I am not a teddy bear… I’m Monokuma!” Jumping to their feet, a wide, toothy grin appeared on it’s face. “And I am this school’s headmaster! I know this is sudden but I just couldn’t bear waiting any longer!” The voice matched that of the one speaking over the announcements, shrill and playful. It was unclear whether it was a male or female but their attitude seemed bubbly and carefree. It was…exciting.

“A headmasters that’s a bear…A school full of students that clearly woke up here by random, The doors were locked with whatever high-tech they installed, And…an entire game that followed.” Hayato curled a cricked smile as his eyes widened with a slight maniacal glint.

The announcement only made all the students freak out more, Well…Most. Hayato just grinned ear from ear at the access of all the supplies he could dream of. Expensive lab-gear, All the chemical flasks, and beakers. This was his best dream come true! Some girl that was in a largely oversized basketball get up tried her best to reassure everyone. As Hayato calmly leaned back and watched her sad attempt.

That’s when Hayato realized the nearby chair had be rattling for quite awhile, A girl with a cat-themed mask on looked like she was two shakes away from a mental breakdown. Hayato didn’t understand nor really care for the number of tears she was shedding but he felt some sort of…Sense to comfort her. Or at-least whatever he knew about comforting people.

“Why the long face?” Hayato asked the girl, She wore a schoolgirl themed outfit, And had extremely long braided pigtails…Cute. But she was odd, Odd and strange, A crooked aroma followed her. Hayato already felt the urge to let his mind drift to the darkest places and come up with some way to see her face under that mask, Maybe it wasn’t average. Insecurities? No. Disfigured? Possibly. He snapped out of his thoughts when the girl looked up at him.

@GlitterFist - Momo


I woke up to the dusty smell of a room with many boxes and random materials. My head was slightly hurting and I looked around the space, quickly taking in the fact that it was a storage room.
How did I even wake up here? I thought. The last thing I remembered was going to the school for ultimates. As I was walking, I felt something move in my pocket. I took it out and read the piece of paper that I didn’t remember having. It told all of the students to go to the gymnasium.
“So, this is the school…”
I was walking down the hallway to the gymnasium, when I suddenly got the nauseating feeling I always got when something troubling was going to happen. I decided to put it in the back of my mind. I opened the gym doors and the feeling got worse, which made me have to sit on the floor. This couldn’t be good, because I didn’t get a feeling this horrible in a long time.

The strange bear left the stage and I was left feeling dumbfounded confused. Everyone else seemed to be feeling the same way. Suddenly a girl got on the stage and started to make a speech. I didn’t bother listening because this was all too shocking to be around.
“I have to get out of here.” I whispered as I walked to the stage. I quickly grabbed my room key and handbook and left to go anywhere but here. I opened the gymnasium doors and started walking down the hallway. There was no way this could be real, but my gut feeling was telling me otherwise.

@GlitterFist Akahana Mentioned



Hinata was hiding in the corner of the gym listening to Monokuma’s words. He couldn’t believe his ears and his legs were quivering.
“Wait…wait you’re joking!” Hinata shakily yelled out to the bear. If it was joking, what kind of sick joke was this? When the bear left the stage, Hinata continued hiding in the corner until he saw people leaving. He didn’t want to be alone in this strange place so he hurriedly ran to the closest person near him, which was a guy with bright blue hair.

“I need to …um… explore with you? I don’t want to be in here alone.” He said while clutching his puppet.

@Daunt Namihei


“Why the long face?”

Momo jumped as someone suddenly spoke to her. She looked up to see an orange-haired boy in a tattered lab coat, peering down at her with his hands on his knees. His voice and face didn’t look or sound even remotely concerned, and he was looking at her the same way a vulture would inspect the next carcass it’d sink it’s talons into. She instinctively backed away from him a bit and put her hands over her face- Er, mask.

“W-We’re all g-going to die. Why shouldn’t I h-have a l-long face?” She asked him.



Gym || With Hinata

As he scanned the room, Namihei’s eyes had not focused on Hinata due to the height difference. His eyes had been scanning people further back, thus his eyes had been higher up. Yet a somewhat soft voice caught his attention and he spun enough so that his gaze met the owner of said voice. Almost instantly, his brotherly instincts kicked into gear as he greeted him with an easygoing smile.
Although he could not help but notice the puppet, he made sure that his eyes remained focused on the blond haired boy. If he showed any signs of discomfort with that, then he’d shift his gaze. “Oh! Hey there. You wanna stick with me for now?” There was a hint of shock in his tone, as if he could not believe that, of all the people in the room, he chose him-- as if he were honored.
“I’d love that; I don’t wanna be alone either.” There was now a relaxed, toothy grin on his face, his eyes squinting as he rubbed the back of his neck. “But first, I’m Namihei Onisha. Feel free to call me whatever you want, though.”

@Kbail || Hinata


Hinata was pleasantly surprised that the guy, now known as Namihei, actually wanted to explore with him. Everyone else seemed to be exploring by themselves. There was still a big part of him that was still on edge and paranoid about the puppet coming back, but he tried to focus on the conversation without looking around. “W-well, my name’s Hinata Saito. It’s nice to meet you. I think I’ll call you…um…Nami.” He put his puppet back on his hand to feel more normal. “Hi, I’m Boki.” He moved the puppet so that it looked like it was talking.

@Daunt Namihei


Sorano peeled her eyes open as she lifted up, Her back already started to ache from pain…Lying on hard classroom tile clearly wasn’t a good place to sleep. Thankfully she jumped up, Did a few small stretches and the discomfort quickly subsided. Sora hushedly applauded herself for always staying in good shape. But when she realized where she was, A hint of confusion spread across her face. A sleek classroom with high computer tech was neatly lined row from row. Sora had shivers down her spine, Something was off.

She wasn’t going to let some random place take her out of character so she resumed her calm posture, Counting down from 5 to keep her fear under wraps. Sora slid open the sliding door and exited the classroom. The hallways were long and clean, Pristine, and well kept up. A few girls and guys were either crying, screaming, Or both. Sora felt sad for them…Where were we. Sorano thought to herself before feeling something snagged under her feet.

“A note?” Sora stated in a hushed tone, Snatching it from under her shoe as she read it. The Auditorium, Answers must be there. Sora hastily rushed down the long hall thankfully getting there quickly, Thanks training. Forcefully opening the other sliding door and jogging into the auditorium. Students, Hundreds of them were in seats or on stage. Sora felt her anxiety built up but quickly shook it off and took a seat to listen to the announcement from some weirdo looking bear.

You’ll all be here until the day you die! The bear’s voice stated with a cheerful tone. Sora’s face went pale. Suddenly all the thoughts of her life flashed before her eyes, She thought about Rena, The Orphanage, Even the trauma. Her eyes threatened to well up with tears but she repeated her mother’s words. Don’t cry, No Tears, Mom’s always here. Don’t cry, No Tears, Mom’s always here. She repeated twice wiping away the tears from her eyes. She was never going to see her mother or family again, Ever.

But- Sora wasn’t going to let this…bear. And his SAW game lookalike takes her out, Not here. Not now…Sorano inhaled and exhaled. Then looked around at all the students. “This is life now, Tank,” Sora whispered to her pet turtle who cluelessly nudged her finger. Sora smiled. Aside from Rena…Tank was her only friend. Her best friend. Standing up. Sora wondered who she should talk too.



Location: Gymnasium

Momo slightly looked afraid of him, Typical. Hayato gritted his teeth But shook it off. Everyone was always afraid of him. Even himself- To a degree. Momo put her hands over her face And spoke in a timid tone.

“W-We’re all g-going to die. Why shouldn’t I h-have a l-long face?” She asked him. “Isn’t that the point of life? I mean. Were born, We live, We die. Even if we weren’t here in this odd fantasy game time would still go on.” Hayato stated dryly, He was trying to be comforting, I guess. Of course, he probably failed because no one understood how his brain worked, Who cared anyways.

“Anyways, I’m Hayato. Who are you…Endearing Cat-Mask Girl?” He asked, leaning towards her. Tapping slightly at her mask, “Do you like experiments?” He asked in a sly tone, Slightly crazed but quickly reverting back to a natural-looking state.

@GlitterFist - Momo



As the others quickly started to file out of the gymnasium, Hyosuke stayed in the shadowy corner he had been leaning against and watched them all leave. He wasn’t going to follow. He was perfectly content to stay invisible until the others found the way out- Or until the blood started spilling. Either way, he had the advantage; either he’d have to do less work, or he’d be in a strategic enough position to walk out of here as the last man standing.

He’d woken up in the gym, on top of the stage where the bear and that blonde bimbo had made their exhillirating speeches a few moments ago. He’d been here the whole time, watching the students all wonder their way in, and he didn’t think any of them were the wiser. He’d gotten used to blending into the shadows and seeing without being seen. Just a few of the essential skills he’d needed as a… a beekeeper. When the bear had told them they’d be trapped in here together, Hyosuke was furious- Stay in here with about twenty people he didn’t know, with no way out? It’s not like his claustrophobia was very extreme, but the idea of it still filled him with anxiety. And the way out… it absolutely disgusted him. Whoever set this up was some kind of sick b*stard if he thought stuff like that was a joke. It wasn’t. Murder is a serious, complex crime. Hyosuke of all people knew that.

Hyosuke pulled out his e-handbook, and after admiring his reflection for a moment in the darkened screen- His hair was espescially gorgeous today- he turned it on and looked at the rules of this place.

  1. No entering prohibited areas
  2. All students must be in their dormitories by 8:00 am and remain there for the rest of the night
  3. No violence against the headmaster

Well there goes that idea… Hyosuke sighed. He’d been planning to just rip his “headmaster”'s fluffy little head off and be done with this whole thing. As he began to ponder another plan, the forth rule caught his eye:

  1. No escape attempts

Really? He thought, chuckling. Well then all of those kids are gonna be in some serious trouble. I hope nobody “dies”. He didn’t take any of this seriously; At least, he didn’t think whoever was running this thing would actually let anyone die. Still though, maybe he should warn them… Or tell someone else and let them do it for him.



Gym || With Hinata

Although the poor kid was clearly surprised to see that Namihei had ‘welcomed him with open arms’, he did not hold it against him. After all, he was somewhat intimidating and not only that but, if he had to guess, his upperclassmen as well. “Nice to meet ya, Hinata.” He smiled, his eyes finally relaxing at the sound of the feminine nickname. Namihei did not mind it at all, though, as his siblings and other family members often referred to him as Nami, too.
When Hinata introduced the puppet, slipping it onto his hand and lifting it, Namihei lifted his own hand. Carefully, he grabbed onto one of the puppet’s hands and held it between his thumb and pointer. He was gentle as he shook Boki’s hand, offering the same sentiment while he bent forward so that the two were at eye-level with each other. “Hello, Boki! I’m Nami, the Ultimate Aquarist. I bet I could guess your talent. Hm… ultimate puppeteer? Ventriloquist?” He hoped the question was not an unwelcome one-- he merely meant it as a compliment. If anything, he was showing just how well he thought of his ability with maneuvering Boki just now.

@Kbail || Hinata


“Isn’t that the point of life? I mean. Were born, We live, We die. Even if we weren’t here in this odd fantasy game time would still go on.”

Awkwardly, Momo found herself giggling. This painfully out-of-place, slightly scary boy shouldn’t be making her feel better, but… In a strange way, he sort of was. “I hope you’re better at your science than you are at comforting people…” She said quietly.

“Anyways, I’m Hayato. Who are you…Endearing Cat-Mask Girl?” He asked, leaning towards her, tapping slightly at her mask. She batted his hand away with a quick little hiss, but she wasn’t really mad. Just… still a bit shaken. She composed herself after a bit.

“I-I’m Hastumomo Ige, the Ultimate Kintsugi Expert.” She said shyly. “My fre… My grandmother calls me Momo.”

“Do you like experiments?” Hayato asked her.

“What kind of expieriments?” Momo asked, intrigued.



Location: Gymnasium

Hayato smiled slightly when he made Momo giggle, At-least she didn’t turn away from him and his odd tactics. “I hope you’re better at your science than you are at comforting people…” Momo said quietly. “I guess you know I’m the Ultimate Toxocologist now then?” Hayato stated proudly flashing his badge.

She batted his hand away with a quick little hiss, but she wasn’t really mad. Just… still a bit shaken. She composed herself after a bit.

“I-I’m Hastumomo Ige, the Ultimate Kintsugi Expert.” She said shyly. “My fre… My grandmother calls me Momo.” “Nice to meet you Momo,” Hayato stated with a timid and calm shrug. “What kind of experiments?” Momo asked, intrigued. Hayato’s face lit up…For the first time in- Ever. NO one had been intrigued by his experiments.

“Well. How much can you stomach?” Hayato asked before re-stating. “I experiment on anything. Anything. For example, That little bear…So endearing. Bold, It has its own personality and thoughts. But how? It isn’t supposed to be sentient, Someone made him that way.” Hayato chuckled slightly sinister.

“I want to see how it works, How it operates, What’s hidden in those robotic circuits that make it tick like that.” Hayato slightly waved to Monokuma, The bear bearly responded but gave Hayato an odd look yet interesting look. “Looks like he isn’t used to everyone not screaming or crying. Pitiful.” Hayato gave a hearty laugh which turned into a maniacal laughing fit, People around him started to stare as he held a finger up, The laughing wasn’t exactly on his own motive. That’s what happens when your brain is constantly on the edge. He reverted back to a monotone state almost immediately as shooed away everyone’s glares.

Leaning down to Momo’s ear, He whispered. “Do you want to know a secret? A genuine secret. Far more interesting than some crying kids?” Hayato whispered in a hush yet seductive tone, Ah teen hormones. It’s always been useful for him. He did have a small…liking to Momo.

@GlitterFist - Momo


“Toxicoligist… That’s… poisons and chemicals, right?” Momo asked.

She could tell from Hayato’s face that he was thinking up something that was probably illegal. “Well. How much can you stomach?” Hayato asked before re-stating. “I experiment on anything. Anything. For example, That little bear…So endearing. Bold, It has its own personality and thoughts. But how? It isn’t supposed to be sentient, Someone made him that way.”

“You mean… You mean whoever’s behind all of this? You think we may be able to find out who they are from him?” Momo asked. “Maybe if we take it apart, we could trace the signal back to whoever is controling or programming him. Maybe we can get answers!” She jumped to her feet and did a twirl, delighted that she may finally be getting close to freedom. “Hayato, you’re a genius, Mya~” She mewed, as she tended to when she was happy. “This could be our ticket out of here!” She started purring, before she remembered something that made her heart drop. “But… violence against the “headmaster” is against the rules… He has to have some sort of self-defense in place, so how do we get at him?” She asked.

Hayato seemed to be completely ignoring everything she had just said. “Do you want to know a secret? A genuine secret. Far more interesting than some crying kids?” Hayato whispered in a hush yet seductive tone. It made her skin crawl.

Momo’s whole face flushed bright red, and with a loud, genuinely angry hiss, she shoved him away from her. Crossing her arms tightly over her chest, she fought back the urge to vomit. “What is that tone about?! We only just met!” She cried. “Can’t you boys just hold in your nasty urges for one minute?! You’re all such… perverts!” She looked away from him, feeling betrayed. She thought she may have found someone cool, or at least someone who could help her get out of here. But of course, boys will be boys. And boys are the definition of disgusting.



Location: Gymnasium

Momo’s whole face flushed bright red, and with a loud, genuinely angry hiss, she shoved him away from her. Crossing her arms tightly over her chest, she fought back the urge to vomit. “What is that tone about?! We only just met!” She cried. “Can’t you boys just hold in your nasty urges for one minute?! You’re all such… perverts !” She looked away from him, feeling betrayed. She thought she may have found someone cool, or at least someone who could help her get out of here. But of course, boys will be boys. And boys are the definition of disgusting.

Hayato blank-faced her momentarily before extorting a loud sigh. “I guess you aren’t as simple-minded as I thought,” Hayato admitted. “Trust me, I’m nowhere near in the mind frame of our…Peers. Whatever piece of heart I have left- It’s no longer beating.” Hayato stated drly with a shrug. As he attempted to smooth out any wrinkles that formed when she pushed him.

“It was more of a case of trickery, I just wanted help with getting supplies from that back lab I saw earlier, Don’t make assumptions so quick. I have no time for women or people in general.” Hayato stated coldly not truly caring if she responded or not. “And why- Do tell. Did you just hiss?” Hayato raised an eyebrow then it clicked- The mask, The mannerisms, She was like a rampaging cat.

“Weird.” Hayato stated silently. He then took out a small piece of metal and pricked her finger, To which she angrily jumped back. “Do what you want, I’m using this sample.” He stated referring to her shoving him just a few seconds ago. He then leaned over the nearby chair and made a square with his hands- “That bear. Will be mine.” Hayato keenly replied with a sneer.

“Cat-Girl! You should be my assistant, And no I don’t mean that in a sexual way. If you truly want to see what’s in the bear- I’m the one you need to help. I know every toxin like the back of my hand.” Hayato offered.

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Amari awoke outside, looking around she mumbled to herself,”What the?” She could hear a crinkle as she sat up from the picnic table, It was a note.
Hurry and meet in gym for Orientation!
She went against her better judgement and walked to the gym, following the signs pointing her there. Only god knows what’s gonna happen in there. She stood by the doors seeing many other students, she assumed, come in before watching everything unfold in front of her. By the end of it she was very confused and angry. This makes no sense. No way can a teddy bear be our head master. Well, he did say he wasn’t a teddy bear though. And we are stuck here unless we KILL someone. She may have been good at fighting, but she would never kill some innocent person. That’s absolutely absurd. She tried to wrap her head around all of this before looking at the rules. He- She? The Head master can’t expect people to try and not escape? This is all way too weird. She sighed, running a hand through her hair before spotting a guy in the corner. She might as well meet someone. She walked over to him, debating how to approach him on her way there. “So this seems like it’ll be a blast.” She jokes with a roll of her eyes, but it may not have been the right time since it’s insane this is even happening at all. She internally slaps herself.

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