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Welcome to the general chat. this is for off-topic and overall discussions about the RP and other stuff. feel free to drop by or lurk around.

Intro information.

The howling of the wolf can be heard in the silence of the night. They hide deep in the woods, only to be seen by the person for whom they reveal themselves. These wolves are not ordinary wolves, they are not from this world. They are looking for partners because now more than ever, their help is needed to protect the passageways from the people realm to the wolves realm.

Both worlds are threatened by different enemies: The exiled wolves that demand to be allowed back, The man-hating wolves, who believe that both realms belong to them, and the hunters, led by an old acquaintance, who want to sell the legendary wolves.

Join a new generation of guardians, train with the famous veterans and learn about the history of both worlds. Bond with a human or wolf and use your powers to protect both worlds. Gain their gem and your contact will be made.

The RP in short.
This RP is one where you either play a wolf or a human. Crawl in the fur of these four-legged creatures and form a bond with a human character. These bonds are called ‘contact’ and they allow the partners to communicate, share powers and strength. The way a wolf makes contact with their human partners is when the human finds the wolf’s gem and presents this to the wolf, if the wolf accepts the partner he returns the gem and puts it head against the human. after that, they share a bond and the human can use the powers of the wolf.

Important information:

Before signing up:

Please check the fc before you sign up.it’s important we don’t have 2 of the same powers, gems and you’ll have to pick where you live.


You already have the gem of the wolf you’ll be a partner with, even when you don’t know yet. then you don’t mention until you know and when they meet you have the gem in question.


There are two things for the wolves:

  1. You are either with a small pack already in the human realm or you’ll go with Delia at the start of the RP.
  2. I recommend that if this is your first or one of your first RP’s you stick to a human. but for everyone who already has a bit of RP experience, see the wolf as a challenge!.
  3. There are three packs they can be part of.
    Snow Dark’s Pack: Dark Snow Pack
    Vermont’s Pack: The Night-howlers
    coming soon.


Sign up: :page_facing_up:
Faceclaim: :wolf:


  1. the basic ones: don’t be mean, mind the language, take it to pm when things get steamy, etc.
  2. Do NOT attack people on their pm’ing, you can give tips, but they need to be constructive. CONTACT ME IF YOU DO FEEL ATTACKED. you will get 1 warning and get kicked off the RP if you continue, we have to make sure everyone is open to try new things.
  3. Feel free to pm me with ideas to keep the RP interesting, I’m really open and will help you how to put your ideas in.
  4. Off-topic to the ‘off-topic chat’
  5. No killing off other characters unless they are okay with it.
  6. drama and arguments are fine as long as we keep it in the RP and out of the remaining of the forum.
  7. Tho probably obvious… The romance between a wolf and a human is forbidden. I do no allow Beastiality. (Delia and Snow are an exception because Delia is half-wolf and has lived as a wolf for 5 years)

Writing format:

actions are written as normal. “speech is between quotation marks”, Thoughts are italic - and continue normally. "conversations between partner and wolves in future combination forms are thick "






So I made this one already, I’ll start the official thread when I wake up! :grimacing:


I’d like to join, but need help on the time zones thing. I’m in EST


Then the fourth option is for you

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Guessing Carter is aware of the danger as well. Though I think all the blazecrown hunter wolves are all in the human world


We can just say that a temporary beta is looking after the others in the pack while Carter is in the human world.

Tho the player wolves are all in the human world, your pack has more than just 3 wolves. But they are NPC’s


Okay :slightly_smiling_face:


Plus for now there won’t be any attacks so you can all get used a little first. Ive spin a wheel when the first attack will be, but I’m not going to say where or when :innocent:

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Alright. Thank you!


Ok, my character is submitted!

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I’ll be responding later.
We suddenly decided to redesign my room, so I’m bedless for a week.

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Ok, I only have to distract the drawer, when I’m free I’ll add them

Its fine, it was needed and I can sleep on the coutch upstairs.

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Distract the what?

they are too big to throw away as a whole

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We destroyed 2 beds in total. The idea was that one would move to my room, but then we realized how bad it was so now both are going to be thrown away

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Wow. I still need stuff for my dorm


Need a bed? :rofl:

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