Describe a food and have someone guess it!

Self explanatory. Basically, you answer a guess to what food the person above you is describing and then write a description right under it for the next person to guess.

OP: Something flipped, sweet, and eaten for breakfast.
Reply: Pancakes?

Something fried, salty, and made from potatoes.
Reply 2: Fries?

Something that’s a pastry, has apples, and a crispy crust.
Reply 3: Apple pie?


I’ll start: Something that’s a pastry, sweet, and baked.


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Yes! Edit your comment with a description for the next person to guess?

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wasnt there a thread like this already?

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Not that I see. PM me if you find one and I somehow missed it, though!

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Closed as I didn’t realize there was a similar topic. (Thanks Spoon! :wink:)