Describe this: what do you think hell looks like?

If you’re someone who enjoys writing descriptions of places, this could be fun for you! Describe what you think hell looks like. You can be as descriptive and creative as you want!



“Burning through the soul of a human, ugly and light, thorns that could kill and sounds that makes you go deaf” “it is red, red like blood and light, light to make you blind. It is gloomy and scary”

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Heaven… Was this too dark a thought?

Hot sand with fire oceans.

So is hell good or Heaven is bad? also bad vibes

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I mean… I’m not going to go atheist root here… sooo… hell would be much more interesting than, in my opinion, so I guess hell is good?


I don’t believe in hell, personally. I believe there are thousands of places you can go but it’s more like traveling to another world/place. There are good things and bad things, places for bad things and places for good things. But free to roam as they please.

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