Describe your character with gifs or pictures

Similar to @anon80318563 idea except with gifs or pictures. You can describe events in their backstory, personalities, etc. I’ll start

Dean Knight (X-Men: First Class) :



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Kai from X men first class

Ruby Danvers from Blue Royalty: image

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Aster Jones Greenstead Rp

Marie Larson from Blue Royalty

Live! I’ll get some gifs or memes in a minute.

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@sunflower.flow :eyes:
(I’m giving you an opportunity to spam luke even pics)

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thank you lmao
poor Luke tho, poor Luke

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Lynn Caldwell from Just Another School For The Gifted

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Skye Alberts from Just Another School For The Gifted

Elliot Little from Fairytale: The Return of the Legend

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Hocus Pocus Witch GIF
I can definitely see Merthiel like that xDDD

Abelino learning to cook from his mom like-

ratatouille GIF

Arthur from Las Levendas

Season 2 Reaction GIF by Friends

Bill from Las Levendas

skeleton dance GIF

Gaston from Las Levendas

Sexy Love Yourself GIF by Adult Swim

Felix from Adventure RP

Forrest Gump Reaction GIF

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Dieter Von Totten - FTD