Describe your favorite book in one sentence

A girl goes to be a governess at this older rich dudes house where they precede to fall in love, and it’s all somehow very creepy (but not in the way you’d think).

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I know this is supposed to just be my favourite book, but I found this really fun and wanted to do more. They’re all 4-5 stars, though!

Mega-revolutionary guy tries capitalism 'cause his regular-revolutionary not-mother won’t listen to him-- he does not like it.

Mother is still unable to defy her prophetic powers, even though she really wants to.

The world is very nice and everyone is understanding, but this monk still has problems.

Girl steals her best friend’s identity and becomes infamous heistist because she refuses to communicate with her mothers.

Let’s team up and kidnap this prisoner for fun and profit (mostly profit).


A girl goes to New Orleans, she’s bringing her friends and family along with her for a vacation… it’s not so “ wonderful ‘’ as people say it is, or at least not the living people…