Developing Friendships

Friendships are important, especially if you trust that friend more than anyone else or as much as you trust yourself. They can become your shoulder to depend on in fragile times; they can be the happiness you seek during a bad day—true friends can be anything you need. We need friends.

And so do our characters.

However, the real world is different from the fictional world where everything is up to you. Development plays a big part in everything, and to take part in this week’s theme, here is a thread where we can share tips on how to develop friendships in roleplays!

Either plot, or go with the flow.

I’ve come across instances where friendships are plotted out (either plotting for development or an all ready friendship), and there are also some instances where the friendship is developed through interaction alone without the need of plotting it out. I love both, but in my opinion, especially for about-to-be-friends relationships, I rather go with the flow, though a little bit of plan will not hurt. Either way, it still all depends on…

Interaction. It is the key.

Everything develops, and in roleplays, interaction matters the most. It will determine the qualities that make each other compatible being friends with each other. It is also the most natural way two people can become familiar with each other. And speaking of qualities…

Find the common quality that will bring your characters together.

Though we can maybe agree about opposites attract, we can’t deny the fact that it’s still the common quality that sets the spark between two people.

Friends are diverse.

This connects to the above tip, and this is also a question of “why did your characters become friends?” There are various reasons as to why. You can make them just like each other, or they’re forced to be friends, or there’s this one secret they have that brought them together. Your choice. Also, remember that history matters well.

@RPers, do you have something to add?


Love it. Awesome load of tips here.

Also, not every conversation has to be a romantic 'ship. Friendships and enemies exist too. (wink)


I can understand why some people like to plot their relationships in an rp, but I personally don’t like to plan most, because only through playing you can se if you have a click with the other player and see if it actually works or not.

it’s like in real life, it takes time to get to know each other.



same, though if it’s past friendships then I’ll let it pass especially if it has some potential for another thing… :eyes:


I think the ‘why did they become friends’ part is extremely important. Just being nice to each other and supporting each other is a sweet idea, but it gets boring quite quickly. You run out of ideas and you fall back to that question, wondering why there’s no spark in the relationship.
It’s probably why a lot of people prefer planning romantic relationships over friendships, because it’s easier to create that drama in a romantic thing, and more complicated with a friendship.
They could be friends because they both love doing a certain thing, or maybe because they both need something that the other can provide. There can be two-faced characters who are friends only to pursue a goal, or maybe characters that love fighting with each other so much they couldn’t not be friends (frenemies lol)
Also, it’s probably best to avoid making their friendship all smooth sailings, as we know when that happens with relationships - it gets boring. there’s no drama or tension. You can still get these things in a platonic relationship, just for different reasons. Maybe your friend is friendly with someone your character doesn’t like. Maybe their families think that the friend is a ‘bad kid’ and should be avoided. Maybe the friend has issues they need to work through before they can truly be a ‘good’ friend.

so yea lol

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oh yes yes I forgot about this one

the “perfect” friendship is not all happy and butterflies, so it’s definitely important to r u i n it sometimes-

it’s like a test or so

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gotta have some fun in it lmao

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Best friendships is when one person annoys the other but they both really love each other as friends. :ok_hand:t5:


Lol, yes.