Did you end up enjoying any of the books you had to read in school?

So, we’ve all had books that we were more or less forced to read for literature or English class, whatever you want to call it, but did anyone actually end up enjoying a book they read? Currently, my English class is reading a book called The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and I’m actually really enjoying it.


I wish The Kite Runner was required reading for my school :,) but i really liked reading Watership Down, by Richard Adams freshman year


yeah because they where over.

okay actually. I went to a spical my last few years because I am autistic, and it works very diffrent form others, its more spicifed to students,

she had long time got me to read a donald duck comic evry day, because I am dyslexic and it was to help me learn reading, she later also assign me to read Harry potter.

There’s actually been a lot of books that I’ve read for school that I’ve enjoyed. For 3rd through 8th grade, well it may not have been starting 3rd grade it might have been starting 5th, I would have a list of books that I could chose from to read for assignments. (About 2-4 books per school year). Since I had a list to pick from I would choose the ones I would like the best. (I could list some of them, but there were a lot I read and enjoyed.) Throughout the year there would be other shorter readings which I often enjoyed as well.
In high school, there were a couple of books I had to read which included IRobot and To Kill A Mockingbird (well the rest of my class read it but I read Go Set A Watchman instead since I had read To Kill A Mockingbird for school in 8th grade). I enjoyed both.
Then for a college class I took a year ago now I had to read a book called The Tilted World, which I loved.

I really liked Percy Jackson and The Odyssey


We read everyday in my sophomore English and I really liked it actually never gave it back so I still have the book too

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You read the Odyssey??

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The books that usually have a movie that went along with them were good. Last year in class we read and then there were none by Agatha Christie and sold by Patricia McCormick. I actually ended up enjoying both of the books

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That’s so cool. I had to study Romeo and Juliet in grade nine and then Macbeth in grade 10. We didn’t actually read the plays though. We watched the corresponding movies and then had to perform a scene. I actually enjoyed Macbeth, so later on in the school year I actually borrowed it from the school library to properly read it.

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I remember this book in high school as well as the movie. Have you read this. This is not recommend to until the 18 year old due to bad language.


I had to read that as a summer assignment.

We were going to do romeo and juliet, but then quarantine happened. We’re doing Macbeth next year.


Oh, I even saw the movie too. But I really don’t like the bad language in the story.

We read Silas Marner earlier this year and I actually enjoyed it (although I was probably the only one in my class)! I also enjoyed the plays we read and such, including Trifles by Susan Glaspell.
There was also How To Read Literature Like A Professor which, although I did not read it fully because I’m terrible at keeping up with class assignments, I enjoyed the tid bits that I read. I think I may read the full thing one day.

I usually find them boring, but one that I liked was The Hunger Games :smiley::rose::two_hearts:

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I seen the hunger games movie but not really my favorite.

That’s a great one :star2: I missed the year when everyone had to read it though, but I think I had read it on my own before that.

Oh we read Mice and Men, I don’t remember the bad language thing but the theme was mature. I think we were 14 or 15 when reading it. I enjoyed the story!

Other than those, I liked reading:

  • Fahrenheit 451
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Buffalo Soldier
  • Candide (it was super weird, but I enjoyed it)
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

I also read Percy Jackson and the Divergent series when we got to choose our own books. I enjoyed them but they’re not as memorable to me.


Okay. I do know that they show the movie of nice and men but it hard to find out when it comes on.

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You mean, hard to know when they use bad language? :relaxed:

You’re probably correct since I can’t remember it. :sweat_smile:

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