Did You Know that You Can Buy an Ad?

If you’re someone who has a blog, story or other creation that you’d like to advertise, did you know it only costs £5 a month to purchase an ad?

Then, all you need to do is contact me and I can create the ad for you. Please can you also add the Heads into it so that they kick me up the backside if I don’t see it?

With a £5 a month ad, all non-paying members will see what you have to offer!

You can pay either month-by-month or yearly. You can ask for me to change the ad completely once a month, and I will change any small typos free of charge.

I will be working on creating a directory on the website for people with services to sell (artists, proofreaders, etc) soon. Once Shani’s Tutoring is up and running properly.

If you want your ad to look different to the ones we usually use, it’s up to you to look on the Discourse website and see how they create ads. Then, you need to provide me with the full code.





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I didn’t know this existed :eyes:
Thank you Celeste for the bump!

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