Did you plan your skincare routine around your skin type?

If you have a skincare routine, did you plan it around your skin type?

My answer would be yes and no. The cleanser I use is for blemish-prone skin, so that’s specific to my skin, but the other products I use (a moisturizer and then spray) are for all skin types.


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My skincare routine is to wash my face with water everyday, so non :eyes::sparkles:

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Emami Turmeric gold soap then African Black soap and then a turmeric facial scrub. :brown_heart:

I’ve updated my skincare routine and now use a cleanser and moisturizer that are catered to my skin type. I find that I break out less now or when I do, it doesn’t take as long to get it under control.

@BeautyEssentials - is your skincare routine planned around your skin type?

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Plan? I should do that, shouldn’t I?

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