Did your parents read to you when you were a child?

My mom read to me when I was a child, she loved books and still does, but I think she also used to come up with a lot of stories! I know she did read to me but for some reason I only remember those made-up stories!

  • Did your parents read to you when you were a child?

Nah, my parents made me read.


I dont think my mom ever read books to me but she did used to tell me some made up stories

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Yes, they did, but I also used to ask them to make up stories to tell me.

My dad every single night used to read the Gruffalo to me :pleading_face:

Yesss they did. They used to red me bedtime stories lmao

My parents did tell me some rad stories but not during bedtime. I usually read books myself during bedtime :eyes:

Nope. It’s just straight to bed. I’d make up stories with my sister though (I still do.)

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I’d ask them to but they never did
If anything they’d bring out the bible

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No, they made me read it instead. I’m not that much of a good listener, anyway.

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yeah she did but sometimes she would make me read to improve my reading skills.


my mum always read these books called little fur, by Isabella carmody. Their really good and obviously i liked the author because we share the same name :joy:

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