Digital Art: Is using the Airbrush truly a bad thing?

I’ve seen many people say that you shouldn’t use the airbrush for digital art, but tbh I disagree with them. I think that every brush, including the airbrush, can be used to create great art if it’s used correctly. :eyes::sparkles:

But what do you think?
Is using the airbrush a bad thing? Why?
And do you use the airbrush in your digital art?


Absolutely disagree!!!

The airbrush is absolutely phenomenal for things like blush, toning the skin, doing gradients, shading and for backgrounds! :sob:


Nope it totally isnt! I actually thoight like taht before ever using airbrush in my drawings, i heard about it from ppl too :star_struck::gun: but like yeah, i guess begginers really do use the airbrush too much like i’ve actually seen ppl use it for their base color which doesnt make their drawing look good in my opinion, and i think they should do that when they have like reached the level where tehy understand when to use the airbrush and when to not.

Yup i used to but i dont use it that much anymoreprobably because i havent been drawing much lately-, i just use the smudge for shading and stuff.

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Who even says something like that? o.O; Airbrush is a tough brush to use and really easy to mess up when you have little experience, yes. It doesn’t make it any less viable tool, though.

Smh, this sounds like one of those ‘adverbs are a spawn of Satan’ things in writing. Some people abuse them to a horrible effect, so other people would ban them if they could :roll_eyes:

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True true
Thats why most exprecienced artists say not to use it if you’re a beginner-

No, it ain’t a bad thing. You see, the air brush is targeted for large areas and soft edges so over using it for the whole canvas is not ideal. (Because sharp edges exist) Personally, I use more than one brush but it depends on the artist

Is the airbrush useful?

To me, it’s really useful because I’m not a fan of the Gaussian blur.

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