Digital or Phyisical copies of movies

My house is filled with DVD’s but digital copies can be much more convinient. I will always love DVD’s though! What about you guys?

Dvd collections I have now will probably be getting physical copies of the next movies

(Mcu, fast and furious, DCEU) To name a few

I like digital copies, since I’m quite lazy. However, I feel like digital copies are somehow easier for me to deal with and not lose :thinking:

Digital is a lot easier, but we have so many dvds and blu-rays. Now we just buy physical copies that come with a Code for a digital copy, and we’ve slowly been getting digital copies of our others. We still keep the physical copies that way we have them in case.

Digital copies! I don’t remember the last time I saw physical copies…

Physical copies, for sure. Even though my family mostly streams movies now, it’s nice to have the physical copies in case our internet goes down, or we’re travelling.

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