Discussion: Black Widow

Time to discuss this movie, I think it looks amazing personally and I would love to go see it in the cinema. I was actually sad when (Endgame spoiler) she died so it will be fun to get more of an insight to her past. Here is the trailer and let’s discuss!


Her hair changes a lot :>

She’s a spyyyy

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lol ikr

I thought they already did a movie on her?

Waittt so spoiler: she died but they made a movie after her death? I’m soo jealous i hope they do the same with kylo ren/ben solo because he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that

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This movie was planned way before Endgame was. The timeline for this movie is after Civil War and in between Infinity War


Oh, ok, thanks, i was confused for a second

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Yas! A prequel!!!

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