Discussion: Blue Story film banned from cinemas

Should Blue Story be banned from cinemas?

Some of you may have already heard of the movie “Blue Story” and the significant amount of violent incidents which occured in the cinemas while the movie was airing. Due to this Vue (cinema chain) have decided to stop showing the film.

The movie itself is described to be about two friends who become enemies in seperate gangs.
This is the cover for it.


Some people are angry because they believe the film is not to blame, some are even claiming racism.

Others have said that while in other cases such as when childs play was blamed for the death of a young boy, batman was blamed for a shooting in America and so on. Those were one time incidents and while they were terrible incidents, as they were just one time things, the films were not to blame. This case is different because people say that it genuinely “glorifies gang violence”. It also isn’t a one time incident as 25 have been reported.

So what are your thoughts?


it should be banned :worried:

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Never seen it no comment


Based off the plot alone and the amount of incidents that have occured within cinemas during the airing

Do you think it should be banned?

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I think that the film isn’t really to blame for people fighting in the cinema.

Like i said I haven’t seen it but it sounds a bit stupid to be blaming the film instead of the people who were causing uproar :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah I don’t think the film itself it to blame although it is odd that 25 incidents have been reported in cinemas where the film is showing.

Yes it is the people themselves but they may be using the film as an excuse

Take away that excuse and they’ll either stop or find another excuse

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I have mixed views on it which is part of why I made the dicussion.

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No it shouldn’t be banned.
Ban the people who are causing the problems. People are trying to find excuses to justify or get away with their actions. It’s like saying we should ban video games because video games causes people to be lazy and violent.


I say search people before they go in, ideally that should be done anyway

If anyone starts any violence during the showing of the film they should get kicked out.


Here are some articles:


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  • Yes
  • No

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Should this movie be banned.

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I’m trying to find articles from the other side but you can’t read them unless you register and the free ones aren’t from trustworthy sources.

The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Mirror are not trustworthy


I never seen it, I looked at her reviews

I wouldn’t go and see it anyway it’s not my thing but I don’t think it should be banned

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i luv blue story, the vue is moving mad :purple_heart: :butterfly:

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The film has NOTHING to do with the altercation:

  1. The kids involved in the brawl are too young to see it - Blue Story’s age rating is 15, the kids involved were 13-14 with one 19 year old arrested.
  2. The film just came out - it can’t “influence” kids to do anything

As for the film itself, it does not glorify gangs. The director (Rapman) explained that the film’s purpose is raise awareness on gang crime and what causes it. This scenario is reminisent of the “crackdown” on grime music. The British Press equates anything within Black British culture to crime without even bothering to look into it, which is ironic because it’s the people who complain about gang crime and black youth are the first people shut down media like Blue Story which is supposed to help fight against gang crime. This isn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last.


I don’t see why the film was banned…

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