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So… I normally don’t like extrememly cliche stories (like the Episode featured stories lol) but I’ve been watching this one story that is a featured story and EXTREMELY cliche but is done well and seems to own it… and it’s the Kiss List.

It is very cliche but it seems to own it’s cliches and not try to turn it into something else. It’s about this one girl trying to over throw this school and become the queen bee. It’s ridiculous and you can tell, but the writers don’t seem to be trying to make it into a good story and they don’t seem to be trying to make the MC into a good character, the MC herself even has options to BE the bully at some points and the choices really seem to matter…

What’s your opinion on these types of stories or just cliche stories in general?


clichi stories suck. but evry clichi can be good if it shown in a new and freash way.

same way with orginal stuff can suck if its not written in a good way.

its all about the way you write


If the cliche plotline is all their is to the story, I don’t like it. Every story should have its own original twist to it, even if it’s based on some cliche trope.


I don’t hate cliche stories but I don’t love them either. I just kinda use them as a pass time until a really unique plot stands out at me. Otherwise I just get bored.


Some cliché stories suck, some are tolerable.

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First thing I wanna say is that I was laughing the whole time playing The Kiss List because I thought that it was so funny and unrealistic. :laughing:

But like @BrutallyBritish already said, some cliché stories suck and some are tolerable. It really depends.


I feel like the writers were TRYING to make it SUPER unrealistic- I like to think that they were really good writers that wanted to see how cliche they could make it and how far they could make it past the system. Because that was soo unrealistic!


We can’t really say that we hate cliche stories with a passion. We all got guilty pleasures, right?

But anyway, sometimes I read cliche stories to either pass time or to analyse the story. Recently I read a pretty cliche story called Married To The Mafia and I thought it was really weird like the story is under the romance category, the intro of the story plays this really funky music with the MC in her underwear, looking terrified and the guy behind her is in the mask and he’s the bad guy.

tbh, i don’t care about cliche stories. I don’t hate em either. Good or Bad, i’m down for.

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“Cliche” is not in my vocabulary, i have seen soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many cliche stories and have lost sooooooooooooooooooo many brain cells, i need originality cause that chick right here is sick, help a girl out.

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