Discussion: do you react differently depending on who wants to talk to you?

I realized I’m kinder to strangers irl, even the tone of my voice changes, and online, if my friends is sad I’m more likely to comfort them vs a stranger who’s going through the same. Eh, maybe it’s a little rude but I usually mind my own business


My voice goes higher if I don’t want to be talking to the person?

Anybody else?

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When it comes to talking to people that I’m cool with, I’m just calm and I don’t seem to tense as usual.

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My voice changes depends on who i talk to.
For instance, my voice is lower and high piched when i talk to class, when i talk to my friends and family, my voice is regular, like strong and when i talk to other relatives, i have a lower voice.

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Yes :joy:
In real life, if I don’t want to talk to them I’ll give 'em short, blunt answers and pray that they’ll realize this conversation isn’t going anywhere :rofl::no_mouth:

Yes, it usually depends on how well I know the other person. There are very few persons that I dislike talking to or feel uncomfortable around but there are definitely people that I talk a lot more to than others and also enjoy talking to more.

There are also some persons I’m very excited to talk to, they give me a lot of positive energy and I tend to reply as fast as I can. Then there are people that I enjoy talking to a lot but I don’t throw myself over the phone to talk to them. Not that I’m ignoring them or anything, I’m just not as hyped. Then there are the rare cases where dread replying to someone… I don’t get annoyed though.


Of course it depends on the image of the person they had created before my eyes or mind. If someone I don’t like approaches me, I’d just ignore them and in worse cases, if I’m angry, they will see the super sarcastic version of me and I swear I pull their soul out of their mouth.

On the other hand, if someone i like approaches me, I behave normally around them. Even I curse my besties a lot. Not to insult them, but because I feel at ease around them


Of course! There are some people who just p!ss me off when they try texting me.

They know that we aren’t friends but they do it anyway :confused:


I know people that I just ignore when they call me and then text them a bad excuse why I didn’t pick up the phone… :sweat_smile: There are also I few where I pick up right away when they call me :joy: It just really depends on the person for me so I react differently depending on the person trying to reach me


Yeah, for sure. When like someone upsets me I’m pretty close with I react differently when it’s someone I barely know. And there is also a difference between what’s my relationship with that person, are they family, a friend, someone I know through uni or I know online. That all has an impact, as well as just in general previous conversations and specifically possible struggles we had. If I know I would hurt someone by dealing with something a certain way I will try to adapt and not make them uncomfortable again for example. So many things have an influence on that tbh

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And yeah, I definitely do that! Yeah I address my teachers differently than my family, and say different things around aquaintances than friends.

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I get really anxious if it’s someone that I don’t know that well, but if I know them well and I like them I’ll probably be excited to hear from them.


me speaking to an old friend after a while and feeling awkward

Friend: Are you okay? Your voice seems to have raised a few octaves since we last spoke
Me: I’m rad


Oh yeah totally depending on what my relationship is with that person and my knowledge of them in general I tend to behave a bit differently. My speech pattern tends to change as well as I tend to adjust it depending to who I’m speaking too. If I were to talk to someone in a proffesional setting I would adress them to more in a polite manner than if I were to speak to one of my close friends. Who I often joke around with.

I also have a couple of friends that aren’t comfortable with swearing so I would avoid/minimize my usage of certain words so to not make them feel uncomfortable .Even though I tend to swear like a sailor most of the time.


Ohhh yeah.

With my close friends I can be either super hyper or superrr quiet and not really say anything at all. With teachers I tend to get anxious and then speak faster, along with fiddling with something in my hands. And sometimes, if I see someone I like and they say hi, I don’t say anything and end up looking like a fool.
If its someone that is mean to me or just doesn’t really talk to me in the nicest way, I try to be as civil as possible while the back of my mind is just saying “please let this conversation be over”

I guess it all just depends on your relationship with the person, and how you feel about them. Sometimes it can be super awkward and sometimes it can be the best conversation

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Yes, I do. I’ll be nice if I like the person, I’ll ignore them id I don’t.

It’s probably natural to react differently based on who is attempting to talk to you.

For me it depends just as much on what I’m doing at a particular moment Or how they approach me, but if its someone that I dislike, or that is bothering me, I certainly won’t react to them as well.

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