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Today I wanted to discuss a very serious topic School . I’ve seen some videos about school, talking about detentions, failing classes, and disrespecting the teacher. Let me be the one to tell you that stuff is not Cute :woman_shrugging: You’re at school to better your future, why is it funny to get detentions and fail class, it’s not a good look. This is coming from a person who is in school herself. Let’s be honest, you look wayyy better getting good grades and staying out of detention/ISS.


Person 1: I got a 50 in this class, I don’t really care tho.

Cough Pathetic Cough

This was me last semester and honestly that old me was terrible, I didn’t pay attention, I got low grades and walked out the class room as if was nothing :woman_shrugging: I didn’t even ask my teachers for help. Now, after going through some inspirational quotes, I’m paying attention and getting good grades!


So I replied on the other forums, but I wanted to share my reply here as well, so here goes!

I completely agree. I know school can be a lot of pressure and it’s definitely not fun sometimes, but it’s there so that you can go out into the world and rock. Education’s so important, and for the most part, if you have access to it, you’re lucky. Yeah, school isn’t fun, homework isn’t great. But neither is work and neither is life. Things don’t come free and you have to work for it.

I used to not appreciate school at all. The homework, the tests, it was all some sort of chore. But then life came along and brought its friend mental illness with it, and I’ve missed over a year’s worth, and realistically, I’m only going to miss more. I try to study at home, but it’s hard, and I’m still falling behind. I’m probably going to have to repeat the year at school, and there’s not even a guarantee that I’ll be there for a repeat.
I wish I could be at school. I wish I could focus and learn and develop my knowledge. I didn’t realise how beautiful learning was until I couldn’t do it anymore. The feeling of working so hard and focussing so much and then a concept finally clicks? It feels so amazing to me.

Anyway, as I’ve said, education is important. It’s good to study as best as you can. A thing to remember though- your best does not equal what is physically possible. Your best is what you can manage without feeling completely overwhelmed and burnt out. Stress comes with the whole package of school, but it’s also good to take a break and let yourself recharge. It’s also fine to ask for help if you need it. And you are not your grades!


I agree! All these videos are doing is glamorizing being a bad student. Like being a bad student is not okay. Being able to have the opportunity to get an education is a privilege. Don’t take it for granted, because before you know it, it’ll be time for you to apply to colleges/figure out what you’re gonna do with your life. You’re gonna regret not taking school seriously. Colleges won’t accept bad grades. What type of job resume are you gonna have if you have terrible grades and you don’t do work in school? Jobs want people who are gonna work hard. If you can’t work hard in school, good luck getting a stable job. Sure there are some lucky people who dropped out of high school or didn’t work hard in school and still became successful. Good for them. However, it was probably much harder for them to get to where they are now. So please, for your own good. Work hard in school. It’ll pay off in the long run.


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And I agree that education is important and should be taken seriously :eyes::sparkles:


Yeah, I also agree. I personally procrastinate a lot and don’t really like going to school or doing homework, but I still do it. (For the most part, maybe I might not do a homework if I have a lot of other things to do and the teacher isn’t even going to check the homework or I might not go to school and say I’m sick if I need a mental health day, but that’s not that often) I guess I’m not the best student, but I’m still good. I’ve seen people not care about getting a detention or suspension or something but I feel like they should care. I feel like at my school, there are a lot of people who do care, but there are some people who don’t put any effort into things and they should because it’s their future. I guess I kind of ignore it though (unless I’m friends with the person I guess) because it’s their fault if something happens because they don’t care about school. (I know some people who do care and still get bad grades or maybe have something going on in their life and can’t put as much time into school, but that’s a different story, it’s not their fault in that case)


Ngl, when in school, I never use to care much about my grade but at the same time I did. Only because I found that whenever I put in effort, I would still get a grade that I was never aiming for and it became so frustrating that I stopped caring and only aimed to just pass. I’m still like that now at uni.
It definitely is not cool to fail and brag about it (I use to do that a little in primary school but I’ve learnt and grown lol).
Also disrespecting your teacher for no reason is also annoying. Ugh I hated when people in my class would do that. At least have a valid reason because some teachers were a little rude too.
I would say though, failing is not always a bad thing. You learn from your mistakes and then progress further.
Like stated on the episode forums, school is not just about getting good grades. If you don’t understand and actually learn what you’re doing, this will really just end up being pointless in the future.
Do try to enjoy what you learn and if you don’t, that’s fine. Just don’t disrupt other students and disrespect teachers to seem cool. Disrespect them when they disrespect you because you’re both humans! Lol


– Even though people may act like they don’t give two sh*ts about school, they really should. I don’t like school but I know that I need an education so that I can become successful.

– In most schools some students walk out of lessons, barely pay attention or just mess about so when it comes to their tests and they get a low grade they get pissed off or confused. Some people don’t even care about tests, they don’t revise and are not even the least bit upset when they get a low grade probably so they can seem like they’re some bad bish or something when they actually should care because it adds up to giving you a job in life and if you get low grades and act like you don’t care in a work place, you will probably get fired or not even considered to be hired.

– Some teachers put pressure on their students, like they might give their students a bunch of homework and tell them it’s due in the next day or a student could have end-of-term or end-of-year exams so they might end up feeling pressured.

– I don’t like homework but I know that I need to do it to refresh my memory on the things that I’ve learnt and also so I don’t get a detention but it can help you with revising. If you don’t do your homework, you get a dEtEnTiOn, lol I don’t even go to them most of the time or if you’re late to school you get a detention which is annoying and the teachers don’t even try to reason with you.

Yeeeeeeeeeee. This was long af.

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I hate attending school, but I get that it is important. Though quite frequently I find myself doing absolutely nothing but waiting all day at school because my school got rid of graded calsses because ‘it showed favuritism’ and now my classes are so mother effing easy and there is absolutely no challenge at all. The most productive thing I did in science was memorising the periodic table and that wasnt even part of the class. Don’t even get me started on maths or English class

Oof…I have everything EVERYTHING to say about this which will make me hit my head.
It’s good to know how to write and read and elementary school is helpful…to an extent. Then you learn complicated math and ancient greek which aren’t used in everyday life, so why learn them?

Let’s take one subject at a time

Ancient Greek
You learn the old language and about old authors and stuff. I mean it’s not bad but at least it should be optional, but they don’t quite help find a job or make money. It’s not like Euripidis is gonna come back to life and we have to cmmunicate ancient with him.

Math is for people who want to find a job which they need to know how to solve equations and solve (2x3) + (33x4563) - π + √47 I mean WHY? It should also be optional, not everyone is good at math and you can’t force someone to be good at something they aren’t.

Same reason like above!

And now…

Some teachers are really snobby and only get sassy with students who aren’t good at the subject they teach. Instead of using your mouth little teacher to offend someone, use it to help students understand better. And sometimes they don’t even care

At school we never get taught the things below

  • Economy things or how to save money

  • Cultural things about countries all over the world.

  • How to survive or make ends meet when you get older and have to leave your house

  • About drugs and how they affect lives

  • Cooking lessons (why not include them as well? These will be useful in our future)

  • Anything about the everyday life

So since school does nothing, i always ask my mom, what is this? What is that? How do i know when…?

And when i was preparing to take the english diploma there were some essay themes that i didn’t know what to write about because i simply never knew or was taught at school. The essay themes were about the everyday life and i had absolutely no clue what to write.

So i call myself an uncultural swine because i am dumb and all these years of going to school i don’t know how to cook or what cocaine is so i’m absolutely DONE with school and i want to stop because it harms my mental health.


I hated school. I didn’t mind learning, but often there were kids who were jerks. You should take school seriously. If you keep getting 50% on all your tests, you’re probably not going to get into the best university.

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Our school’s principal and Super intendant sucks. They are constantly looking to getting people in trouble. Like they will seek out ways to get everyone in trouble. And not just students. I’m talking parents, staff, teachers, coaches, LUNCH LADIES!!! And also students too. Ughhhhh

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It’s honestly crazy.

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At school where I live, we only have one high school and education is fine but my sister is a A+ student, dancer, and flute music player.

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