Discussion: Extinction Rebellion

Extinction rebellion are a group of protesters who are against climate change to the point they do things like protest outside of parliment and block roads. They had a few mass protests last year.

Some people call them an “extremist group” but I want to know what you guys think. As it’s our weekly theme I thought this would fit.


I dont blame this, climate change is extremely important to prevent and to know about and this is our chance to do what is right to protect our environment, wild life, and marine life. Things are already starting to happen as it is, people like them are trying to get others attention and to do something about it. I just searched this because I didnt know what this group was about lol


I understand their campaign to raise awareness but… blocking the roads doesn’t help anything. You aren’t hurting the parliaments by blocking the roads, your hurting normal people who are already aware of climate change.


Yeah I agree with you, parliment didn’t even care. I was in London during one of the protests and it was kinda fun to walk on the roads because there were no cars but I felt bad for people who had to go to work.


I read something about an ambulance that was headed to hospital with someone in the back and the protestors refused to move, so the lady who was in the ambulance died because of that protest. Parliament still didn’t give a shit


Yeah I heard that too but I’m not too sure if it is true

But there were some protesters outside of my town who didn’t move for an ambulance so they had to park and walk a mile to a dying old man

That is true


Honestly that’s just taking it too far


That’s sad…

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It was extinction rebellion who organised the school walk outs, I found it funny because the protests always happened during my frees so it was not rebellious of me at all if I were to walk out (I didn’t)


Hmmm idk how to feel about them.

Protest is an effective tool and yes we need do more about the planet. I do think ER is unfairly judged sometimes e.g the whole “ER uses plastic so they’re hypocrites” criticism doesn’t make sense because to an extent we can’t help participating in capitalist systems that produce waste because that’s the system we live in. Also the “extremist group” label makes no sense: 1. Not all forms of civil disobedience is violent 2. This energy needs to be kept for far-right groups whose ideologies are inherently harmful.

On the other hand ER is sometimes counterproductive. Their protest in Canning Town was uncalled for. What was the purpose of protesting in an area with many working-class people using public transport which is better for the environment anyway? Also that Rosa Parks tweet was mess!

So yeah overall they’re okay but they need to hold systems accountable not people trying to provide for their families :v:t5:


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