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When I was doing my business BTEC we did a unit on fashion retail and we spent two classes just watching fashion shows for things like Chanel and insert other expensive fashion brands :joy: it was interesting to learn about how catwalks and stuff actually work. But fashion as a whole isn’t something I care about. Here is an example of a fashion show for those who want to watch, if anyone has any questions about what I learned then I will answer.

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What’s the purpose of fashion shows? :eyes:

They are to show what is gonna be “in style” for that season, so obviously those outfits aren’t going to be worn straight off the catwalk but the people who watch those shows tend to be like “hey could I get this adjusted to look like this” or “can I have this and that but not that and this” and gradually those items become more popular and fashionable. Then smaller affordable fashion brands will take elements from the catwalks and make their own versions for everyday people to wear.

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I’ve seen pictures of so much stuff on runways that just looks ridiculous :eyes: Makes sense that they get moderated by more affordable brands to have more widespread appeal

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Yeah it seems very hunger gamesish to me, like the extravagant outfits that just wouldn’t really be worn :joy:

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Yeah it definitely does kinda give off those vibes :joy: It would be so weird to see someone just walking around looking like that in any other context

I’ve only ever been to community ones, does that count?

That actually sounds better than the big ones, I was asked to model in one and I was like
No I can’t walk in heals

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Yeah, it’s a tad more natural, I suppose.
You would have been one hella sexy model.

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I’ve never actually been to one tho i would like to :eyes:

I volunteered at one and I liked it! I think fashion shows can be very interesting, I wish I could go to the Paris fashion week :confused:

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I’ve never been to a fashion show, but I do see them through videos and stuff.

So the purpose of fashion shows is to see how the audience react when outfits are presented.

Some are peculiar, while some aren’t even practical.

Those outfits we see in shops are already modified to be wearable, and less crazy. When a trend comes, some people are willing to spend their money on “trendy” outfits so they feel like they are not “old-fashioned”.

Basically, a marketing tactic to trick you into spending.

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I LOVE EMMM :star_struck:

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