Discussion: Favourite Seasons

Let’s be honest. We all have one season that we prefer over the others. So, what’s your favourite season and why?


Summer is my favorite. I love getting soaked.


Any particular reason why?

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My birthday is in summer.

Cool! Mine’s in the winter, but I prefer fall. The colours are so pretty and the weather is really nice.


Nice :innocent:

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I love fall. The weather is nice… not too hot, not too cold. There’s this warm feeling in the air during fall that just makes me feel at peace. Plus, most of my favorite memories over the years have happened in fall. :sunflower:

I used to love winter, but this year, winter was horrible so it’s not my favorite anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Even though my birthday is in Winter I like fall. I don’t even know why. I just find it beautiful. If last year’s summer wouldn’t have been so hot I would have said summer. But I like summer as well. :fallen_leaf::sunny:


I can never pick a favourite, I like them all for different reasons :sob:

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Fall and spring!!


Summer! I love sunshine and the beach :desert_island:

My favorite seasons are spring and summer :rose::two_hearts:

Fall! Definitely fall! I don’t like hot weather unless I’m near water.
Fall is just perfect! It gets cold, rainy and everything is so pretty and orange.

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winter is cozy but here in texas its just dry
fall is pretty but its like back to school season and shiz and the beginning of holiday season and for that it cannot be forgiven
spring is like ok cool ur the rebirth of nature but like what else do you do :joy:

summer is gr8
it is an escape from erryting
its hot, and im burning, and i like it that way
i dont have a daily routine and i dont feel CONSTANT STRESS and IM NOT WAITING FOR THE UNIVERSE TO IMPLODE ON ITSELF AND I LOVE NOT HAVING TO WORRY ABT WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK IT IS ah for it to be summer forever

i really like fall

because i can dress cozy but also cute

anddd i have some bad memories with summer and the heat

I like spring the best. Followed by summer and winter (no preference). Fall’s the worst… I blame going back to school :rofl:

It’s been five months so
yeah you guessed it inactivity :sunglasses: