Discussion: Gothic Architecture

Gothic architecture is a European style of architecture that originated in northern France during the 12th century. It evolved from Romanesque architecture and was succeeded by Renaissance architecture. There are generally five key features of gothic architecture: large stained glass windows, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and ornate decoration. A famous example of this style is the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris.

Some discussion questions
What are your thoughts on Gothic architecture?
Do you have a favourite example of this style?
Have you had the chance to visit a building that showcases this style?


It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I mean, look at this…



Yes! This was my favourite thing to study when I had to prepare for the academy! It’s perfect, just like romanesque architecture. Rib vaults and pointed arches just make everything look absolutely stunning! :pleading_face:

I had the chance to see Notre Dam in Paris, Milan Cathedral, Florence Cathedral (my favourite), and The Doge’s Palace Venice.

I took this when I was in Florence!


Love that

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I grew up in a Gothic World Hertiage Site. I… Don’t think about it. It just exists :sweat_smile:

My home town in general, and the cathedral close to the Old Market Square in particular.

About 80 minutes ago, yes :rofl: If you want pictures, I can take my camera with me when I go for dinner later today?


If you can, that would be amazing!


Right, I completely forgot about it :laughing: Fortunately, I found some photos I took in winter a few years back:

The aforementioned catherdral.

Not the aforementioned cathedral, but still pretty cool.

One of the things that are quite hard to grasp is just how huge these things are. Here you have a Gothic church (centre) right next to four- and five-storey buildings.

And here you have the aforementioned cathedral, shot from (almost) right at the entrance. These structures are absolutely dwarfing!

A toll guard tower and city walls in the middle of the town. Because why not? It’s not a big deal, rite?

… then again, they’re a total female canine to drive through with a car :sweat_smile:

Next time you complain about narrow roads, think of this! Yes, every now and then some madman tries to drive through it

You thought only Pisa had a leaning tower? Ha.

I also happen to have some pics from the biggest castle in the world, but… I don’t want to over-load the thread so it’s impossible to load :sweat_smile:

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Whyd no one tag me T T

Love gothic architecture

So what do you like the most about gothic architecture? :eyes::sparkles:

Its unique. You dont see anything like it these days.

Tells a story in its own way.
Looks like theres a lotta history.
Overall the designs beautiful. Dark mysterious
A quiet creepy atmosphere.

Gothic architecture is like a living fairy tale(no not harry potter =_=) like real life whismy

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Gothic architecture looks amazing. So much work went into creating masterpieces of gothic architecture.
I don’t have a favorite example of the style, but I still think the style is just so awe worthy.
Not really. I’ve seen buildings that contain some features from gothic architecture, but not a building fully in the style.

Dude it beautiful. Always had been. I’ve always wanted to go to some buildings with the looks because it’s fascinating. There’s a lot of really cool buildings in the Western anime Castlevania and it’s all just amazing.


There’s way more but that’s just Dracula’s tower for now.

What about you, @Discussions? Do you like gothic architecture? Why or why not?


that looks really cool

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Love it, Love it, Love it, and I’ll share some more later.

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