Discussion: Humanization of Pets

Humanization, anthropomorphic in scientific words, of pets is kinda a trend.
I was in the pet shop and there were loads of things that look for humans like little buns for dogs and stuff like that, putting human associations on animals basically. Like that’s something we eat so I want out pet to eat it as well.

But it goes further like giving your pet a cake for their birthday or making pets wear clothes. What do you guys think of this thread is it something we should want or not?


This has been happening forever. Look at Mickey Mouse Club House.

But what I think is a pet is a pet, and we shouldn’t force them to wear clothes or any of that. I mean ofc they can’t really say anything, but eh :woman_shrugging:t4:

I sound dumb, Ima stop talking now :woman_facepalming:t4:

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You should force your pet to wear clothes or get a haircut :crying_cat_face: I understand why people cut their dog’s hair but I think there is a point where it gets too much.

And cake isn’t healthy for animals…

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It’s very cute!


It may look cute, but think of how the animals may feel :pleading_face:


I know some animals in certain climates get cold (for example I live in Canada and we have harsh winters), so in those cases putting a sweater or booties or something like that on your dog if you take them outside in the winter so that they don’t freeze is one thing, but putting clothing on your dog for the hell of it is kind of dumb and if they make it obvious they don’t like having it on, you should take it off right away. On the note of feeding pets birthday cake or any other human food, I think you should check with your vet before you feed it to them.


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