DISCUSSION: Life decisions 🦋

I do find myself thinking about my choices in life a lot
So I thought why not make a thread out of it? :sunglasses:

  • What has been the best decision you’ve made in your life so far?

  • What has been the worst decision you’ve made in your life so far?

  • Do you regret making decisions if the outcome isn’t what you wanted?



literally all of the time


Mood :star_struck:


Wearing a bright, neon blue lipstick out in public on a dare by my stupid as heck friends. :lipstick::pensive:


Really? That doesn’t sound too bad

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Try it out yourself and we’ll see :sunglasses:

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Sounds like a good look :eyes: I’d need the right outfit to pull it off


Lol, good luck.

i’m not sure if i’ve come across a decision yet that i am so grateful or proud of. my life so far feels like a blur. a lot of things come and go, it’s like a cycle. i hope in the future there will be a choice that i can make that will be so memorable that i consider it one of the best decisions.

i don’t think it’s the worst decision because i haven’t come across anything that dramatic yet, but i do have a choice i’ve been regretting for about 3 years now. it was when i was in 9th grade – i was immature. i didn’t realize the worth of someone who truly cared about me, so i let them go over a stupid reason. had i not done that, maybe they’d still be in my life, and maybe they’d be more than someone i care about

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Changing courses in uni

Uhh :thinking: any bad life decision wasn’t really made by me

Not exactly, I tend to work with whatever result I get

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