Discussion: Making Tough Decisions

When making an uncomfortable or difficult decision, do you decide on what’s “technically” or “logically” right or what, to you, feels right?

Is there any hacks you have to getting a tough decision made quickly , or do you prefer to give yourself time… maybe both?

Since there are many types of hard decisions, how do you go about certain ones?


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I do what feels right in my gut. I also try to analyze all of the choices and what is best. I may not always be right, but I do what I feel is right.

I try not to let my emotions play a factor, but sometimes, emotions also play a role in what decision I make at the end.


I do what I want, when I feel it’s right.


I usually analyze the situation, and end up doing what feels right to me or what I think is the right thing to do.

I usually overthink it for hours, based on logic try to figure out the right thing to do. But then when it’s time to make the actual decision I forget about the logic and just do what feels right, even if that doesn’t match up with what’s logical.

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