Discussion Panel: What's your opinion on Jay Park?

Recently this artist has been caught up in drama with another artist signed to his label.


The Basics

Jay Park is a Korean-American entertainer. He was once a member in a group called 2 PM under JYP Entertainment in 2008. He later left in 2010 after controversial comments about Korea surfaced. A while later, he got signed onto Sidus HQ and debuted as a solo artist.
In 2013 he became the CEO/founder of AOMG, an independent Korean label that specialized in hip-hop. He released many singles as a solo artist, sometimes collaborating with his artists at his company. He was also the first Korean-American to get signed onto Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation. In 2017, he co-created another label H1GHR Music Records, with the producer Cha Cha Malone. (He’s black.) Because he does hip-hop and R&B (which is a “black genre”) he works with, of course, black people.

Now I know y’all might be like… “What?? This guy is amazing, how can you not like him? Why aren’t you a J-Walker anymore?” (The name of his fandom.) When you’re not black and you work with black people… Here’s where the downside, disadvantage and drama creeps in…

The Controversy

Recently, he had an interview with another artist. A white, hip-hop artist named Avatar Darko. This is him.

Now, I’m supposed to give you the facts, but— culture vulture alert. sips tea Anyways. This interview talked about, you know hip-hop, music… But it quickly veered into… Uncomfortable territory. They began to talk about cultural appropriation. May I remind you that neither of them are black? And that there was no black person present? And that Jay Park, himself, works with a black man. sips on a caramel latte Yup, yup.

The video is here.


Let’s start a discussion here, and tell me what you think!

Is that nice?


A caramel latte?

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Mmm caramel latte!

But back to the topic, I am not entirely sure about this since I just listen to K POP occasionally.

Are they saying that K-POP is cultural appropriation? Sorry, I’m pretty ignorant on these topics as I was just reading your thread like multiple times to understand.

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I love them.

However, the main issue is that they called black people “close-minded” and “trolls” for calling them out on cultural appropriation. It’s general knowledge that k-pop and its roots were heavily influenced by hip-hop and rock. But, in the past k-pop has had a lot of controversy for cultural appropriation and never giving credit to their originators. Dreadlocks, rapping, braids, dance moves, these can be examples of appropriation.

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Why is the word “white” in it since they are both light-skinned and why does it matter?

Jay Park is Asian, not white

Wait, i don’t understand, how is there a difference? He is light-skinned?

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What do you mean?

Avatar Darko is white
Jay Park is Korean-American
Cha Cha Malone is black (he’s not involved though)

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I mean Asian people are light skinned

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If Asian people are light skinned? Some are, honestly. But as far I know, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Bangladeshi and Arab people aren’t light. A lot of Korean are very pale because of makeup and beauty standards

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Ohh, so the picture is makeup and photoshop?

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Some of it, yeah.

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Alright, thanks for clearing it up :+1:

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No problem. :yellow_heart:

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It’s not letting me see it. Keeps saying can’t refresh feed.

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Yh is that nice?

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Yes, K-POP definitely have hip hop, rap, rock, R&B and many other influences.

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For sure.