Discussion: Re-synchronization

So, this is more of a discussion for not native English speaking people. What’s your opinion on re-synchronization in movies or TV shows? When I was younger and went on holidays to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and many more countries they use a lot of re-synchronization, so for example a German person saying the text of an English movie in German instead of the original English with subtitles. For some reason I’ve never understood this tbh, cause it doesn’t could only help people in learning English if they actually hear the original text, and it just is always slightly off with the mouth movements which annoys me so much :grimacing:


I like it because it makes it understandable in different places, and besides if it annoys you so much just watch the original? :expressionless:

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Thing is in a lot of countries it’s normal to do it and people don’t have a choice to watch the original. Sure, it makes it understandable for people who don’t speak the original language, but personally I’ve learned most of my languages by watching tv shows in the original language with subtitles… And the quality of it often isn’t the best either if they do it…

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Not all people read fast enough to watch a show with subtitles and it’s easier to watch it that way when your eyes are tired because 90 minutes of reading subtitles exhaust my eyes a lot :sweat_smile::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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