Discussion: Romance in stories

First of all…do you like romance in stories?

  • Yes.
  • I don’t mind.
  • Not really.

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  • What’s your opinion on romance in stories?
  • Do you think it’s necessary to include romantic relationships?
  • Would you read a story without romance?
  • What are some of your favourite types of romances, and what are your least favourites?

I don’t mind it.
But the truth is in 90% of the stories there is a bit of romance.

I don’t think it is necessary.
The most important is an interesting plot, and it doesn’t have to include romance.
I will read a story without any love story.

I will start with the worst type of romance… I hate it when it is too sweet, like vomiting a rainbow. And the conversation between lovers like: “I love u”, “I love u more!”, “no, I love u more, sweetheart”, " u r so sweet, I love u" etc. Make it more real.

Good one? Hmmm… I am not a romantic person at all, so good romance doesn’t exist :sweat_smile::joy: but if I find a romance in the story, I like it to be more realistic, not too dramatic or too sweet.


Meh, it shouldn’t be forced into a story though. Don’t include it where it’s not needed



The kind that aren’t bad boy, nice girl etc


I love romance! It’s not necessary but I love it as a sub-genre! If the main plot is JUST a cliche romance and nothing else that’s different then yeah, I am gonna get a little bored but I’ll be okay with it.
I don’t think it’s necessary, I certainly enjoy it more if there is though.
Yes, definitely.
I hate love at first sight. Unless they are some conflicts later, but if there are never conflicts with the characters and they just love eachother instantly… that’s really boring. I like some conflict! Like, I love it when it’s realistic kinda where the characters open up to their partners more and learn from eachother more as they get to know eachother. You get to see them becoming better people because of their love interest… and I just love that. Toxic relationships are a no no unless you’re showing them as bad… But I mean, in my opinion love at first site where there are no conflicts is worse because it’s just boring, at least the toxic relationship one makes you angry lmao.

Cliches can be done well in my opinion if there are conflicts and the characters get to know each other as they go like in a real relationship. But if there’s no emotion in the writing, no conflicts, and the characters are card board- yeah I’m gonna hate it no matter what the plot is.


I just wanna say: NOT every romantic story has to be erotic. Regardless of the story’s genre, not every story has to contain s*xual content. A story can be great without it, whether it is romantic or not.


I really enjoy romance in stories, even if it’s just a tiny bit of romance. I’d also read stories without romance ans there are many stories where romance just wouldn’t fit into the plot.

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Well if it’s a romance story I suppose it is to be expected :joy: romance in other genres is rad I just think it should take a back seat!

You don’t need to, especially if the story isn’t about that. It can be a nice thing to include but it most certainly isn’t mandatory.

Yeah I would

Hmmm not sure really, I think alot of people find forbidden love attractive in the Romeo and Juliet sense, do I like it though? Sure, seems a bit exciting even if it isn’t real :joy:


Gosh, action-romance just hits me in a certain place and it hits it hard. I’ve only really seen anime play with this particular genre but it does it so well!

I couldn’t help but incorporate it into my writing, that idea of a couple growing closer together through action. Combat, war, etc. It’s such an awesome basis for solid relationship writing I just–


I don’t think that romance is necessary in stories tbh… Some authors seem to only put it into their stories to get more reads and it just doesn’t feel right to have romance in some stories :eyes::sparkles:


I don’t think it is necessary to include romantic relationships in stories. For example, if it’s a horror story and the author adds love interests, the story loses its main purpose, and/or the romance seems forced. Of course I would read a story with no romance, as it would help focus on the main point of the story and not in a relationship. Some of my least favorite romances are kidnapper romances, student x teacher romances, or romances between someone underage and someone who is way older. (And many other romance tropes which I cannot recall right now). My favorite romances and mlemybe the only romances I don’t mind are when two high school students have a crush on each other, (but they’re not sexually attracted to each other) call me cliche, I know, but I find it cute :point_right::point_left::sweat_smile:


I do agree it’s not necessary, there are so many amazing stories that have almost no romance in them and that makes them better. The story is focusing on other things and I personally think it should be that way.
But I love romance! I love reading it more than anything so I’d always pick that first and not, let’s say fantasy. But yes, I would read a story without romance! I’ve read many stories that are like that and I loved them all.
If I’m being honest I do like cliches. I’m just a hopeless romantic so I like everything, as long as there is love haha

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I love it
I’m a sucker for romance I’m like the most hopeless romantic you’ll ever meet haha

Not necessary at all, but it’s fun and adds to the story

Well yeah

Favorite romances: good ones, or like heroic stuff
Least favorite: toxic ones, cheats, and bad boy turns good for the good girl


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